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Our Fave Cleansing Balm Just Reached Major Squad Goals

Sometimes having too many options can ruin you. Like that time I found a knit sweater I liked but it came in heather grey, black and a navy blue. I stood there in the dressing room for about 30 minutes trying on all three sweaters while building an extensive pro and con list in my head. IT WAS INSANE.

Thank God, I don’t feel the same way about skin care—the more options, the better, especially when it’s a sheet mask or a cleanser that I love. If it comes with different ingredients that work towards a particular skin goal, I’m all about it.

If you’ve been watching our newly curated selection carefully in December, you’ll see we snuck in a few extra “flavors” for our favorite oil cleanser: The Clean it Zero! Yes, that balm that everyone has fallen in love with since we curated it two years ago and went on to win our Best of Beauty Award (psst, new to oil cleansers? Read my tutorial here).

In the spirit of having more skin care options to work towards our personal skin care goals here is the new round up of Banila CO Clean it Zero’s that are now available on Soko Glam. Thanks to those who have emailed us and requested this curation because this was such a great idea! Meet the new squad:


Clean it Zero Resveratrol
Resveratrol has been an ingredient I’ve been keeping my eye because it’s a pretty powerful antioxidant that helps fight free radical damage. I recommend this for anyone who wants to keep their skin care products working towards one goal: anti-aging (aka preventing fine lines/wrinkles!) *Stay tuned tomorrow for a deep dive into this ingredient!

And the classics…


Clean it Zero Classic
The balm that started it all and led to many offspring. It has papaya extracts which works in a little extra gentle exfoliation and it takes off all my waterproof makeup like a charm. I reviewed it way back when so if you’re not familiar, get acquainted.
Especially for you normal skin types, you really can’t go wrong with this one. Don’t just take my word for it, read the 174+ rave reviews from our community that can’t get enough.


Clean it Zero Purity
For sensitive skin types! This doesn’t have any synthetic fragrance, artificial coloring, alcohol, parabens or mineral oil. I’m not the type who thinks parabens and mineral oil are bad for you, but for those who are extra cautious about chemicals or extra sensitive, this cleanser is a dream-come-true!

Any Classic Clean It Zero users not sure if you should branch out with these other versions? Let me know how you feel about them in the comments below!

xx charlotte

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