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Laneige Two Tone Lipstick - No.11 Juicy Pop and No.10 Burgundy Love Laneige Two Tone Lipstick - No.11 marigold yellow matched with a bright pink fuchsia

The Trend: Two-Toned Lip Craze

In Korea, they love taking bits and pieces from great ideas and fusing it all together. This “hybridity” is also a hallmark of Korean beauty products, and part of the reason why beauty products found in Seoul are so intriguing, daring and exciting. It also explains why your favorite Korean facial cleanser, not only removes dirt and debris off your skin, but also hydrates and brightens at the same time. It’s all about multi-purpose products for a multi-step routine.


Now we’re seeing the same trend transferring to Korean makeup products. Take Laniege’s popular Two Tone Lip Bar for example, a lipstick that you push up like a Push-pop and swipe across the top and bottom part of your lip to product a gradient lip effect.

The colors they fuse together are dramatically different. For example, a marigold yellow is matched with a bright pink fuchsia. Or a light baby pink is paired with a very berry magenta. Very unexpected color combos, but they fly off the shelves nonetheless.



These dual-toned lip tints spurred on a whole category of lip tints, from the VDL Triple Shot Lip Stain to the Etude House Twin Shot Lipstint, and we can expect more of this to be seen on a Korean lip near you, especially with so many leading K-drama actresses on board.


Have you tried a dual-toned lip balm? What’s your take on this trend? Do you love it or hate it?

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