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how to calm rosacea in the winter

The Skin Care Products I’m Using to Calm My Rosacea This Winter

Rosacea, a skin condition that causes the onset of redness and visible blood vessels, can be hard to alleviate during the winter months especially. From rose water to emulsions, read how one Klog writer deals with her flare-ups. 

If you would have told me three years ago that I would develop rosacea, a common skin condition that causes redness and visible blood vessels in your face, I would have never believed you. Why, you may ask? My skin has a tan, caramel complexion and I never knew — before I developed this — that brown girls could be affected by rosacea. I assumed it was something that only happened to fair-skinned peeps. Boy, was I wrong and in for a surprise!

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While it’s less common, POC can also develop rosacea and it is especially triggered during the winter. Cold temperatures, strong winds, dry air and indoor heating are the main culprits responsible for causing the onset of rosacea’s red patches. While my rosacea tends to be mild throughout most of the year (it can pass for a subtle blush), during December, January and February it can really act up depending on the weather. Here are a few of my favorite products and techniques I’m using to keep it under control this winter!

I simplify my skin care routine.

I usually use a vitamin C serum underneath my moisturizer and SPF to keep my skin bright and the dark spots at bay. Once January weather starts to kick into full gear in NYC, I have to resort to only gentle products. I can’t even use regular makeup remover. Instead I remove my makeup with a gentle oil cleanser specifically made for sensitive skin that also doesn’t clog pores. I’m obsessed with the Hanskin Pore Cleansing Oil [PHA]. I then follow up with a gentle water-based foam cleanser for double cleansing like the Dr. Oracle A-Thera Cleansing Foam.

I replace my toner with rose water.

On the days — or I should say seasons — my rosacea is acting up, I skip my toner all together and instead spray a gentle rose water after cleansing. I like using the Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs, and Rosewater. It keeps my skin calm and hydrated. A K-beauty alternative that has gotten nothing but good reviews from others to keep the face staying refreshed is the COSRX low Ph PHA Barrier Mist.

I use rosehip oil.

I usually use serums instead of oils underneath my moisturizers. But when my rosacea is flaring up, rosehip oil keeps my skin super hydrated — which is the trick to keeping redness in check. I apply a few drops to my face and then follow with a gentle moisturizer. I really like the Boscia Rosehip Omega Face Oil .

I moisturize like crazy.

After applying my face oil, I follow with a gentle, oil-free emulsion like the Dr. Oracle A-Thera Emulsion. This lightweight formula provides my skin with the necessary moisture it needs without clogging my pores or causing breakouts. It’s also loaded with green tea extract to help soothe my irritation-prone skin.

SPF is absolutely necessary.

I use a facial SPF all year long — no matter what — but it’s especially important when my rosacea is acting up because rosacea tends to be triggered by the sun. I love the Supergoop! Unseen Sunscreen SPF 40. It’s a totally weightless and scentless formula that doesn’t irritate my skin whatsoever. However, a great Korean skin care option that works for sensitive skin is the Suntique I’m Safe For Sensitive Skin sunscreen.

I’m selective with what face masks I use during this time.

Clay masks and charcoal tend to really irritate my rosacea. During the winter I like to use masks that contain soothing ingredients that calm my skin and give it a bright, radiant glow. I’m a big fan of Skinfood’s Black Sugar Wash-Off Mask.

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