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5 Tips To Maximize The Powers Of Your Cleansing Water

Cleansing waters are known (and loved) for being a shortcut for clean, healthy and beautiful skin. Here are 5 tips to maximize its superpowers and amp up your skin care routine.

1. Layer Strategically
Knowing how to add this product to your skin care routine is the first step to making the most out of your cleansing water. Basically, there are three ways (and times) you can use it:

    ・ As a makeup remover – Cleansing waters are extremely gentle and effective at removing makeup, including stubborn eyeliners and water-resistant mascara. Use it as the very first step of your Korean skin care routine, right before your oil-based cleanser. Insider note: That’s how most Koreans have been using it, as a way to start their “triple cleanse.”

    ・ As a toner – Cleansing and micellar waters are perfect post-cleansing toners. You can use this between your cleanser and toner, like Korean routine purists do, or in place of your toner to set the foundation for what comes next—your treatment products, moisturizers and sunscreen.

    ・ As a do-it-all – This is one of our favorite lazy girl beauty hacks . Use this beauty elixir as a standalone cleansing step on those days where all you want to do is count sheep —not skin care steps. But remember, the cleansing water is a shortcut for cleaning, not treating your skin. This means you should still apply your other skin care products after using it.

2. Give It Time
Allow your cleansing water to work as a magnet to draw out makeup, excess oil and impurities from your face by giving your skin time to absorb all its magic ingredients. Press and hold the cotton pad on your skin for a few seconds focusing on those areas that need special attention (we’re talking to you, T-zone), and then gently wipe all the dirt away.

3. Don’t Skimp on Cotton Pads
Make sure you use as many cotton pads soaked with cleansing water as you need—chances are you’re going to need more than one or two. The deal here is to clean your skin until there’s no makeup or dirt left on them.

4. Read the Label
Take a look at the ingredients list on the packaging. A lot of cleansing waters combine plants and herbs like rosa damascena flower, Camellia leaf, peony root and rosemary extract to sooth skin, moisturize, fight bacteria, prevent blemishes and preserve its natural oils. Amongst our favorites are Neogen Real Flower Cleansing Water in Calendula and Thank you Farmer Back To Iceland Cleansing Water for oily, combination and acne-prone skin types, plus Neogen Real Flower Cleansing Water in Rose and Dr. Jart+ Dermaclear Micro Water for sensitive and normal skins. And the 

5. Go Beyond Your Face
Don’t forego your neck or your décolletage of your cleansing water benefits (read: even complexion, soft and hydrated skin…). Bonus tip: Tried out a new perfume that turned nasty? You can also use cleansing waters to remove fragrances and even your deodorant at the end of the day.


+ Meet 2016 Glamour Beauty Awards’ winner  for best cleansing water.


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