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How To Make Your Hair Grow Stronger and Longer

How To Make Your Hair Grow Stronger and Longer

We all know that genetics, hormonal changes, stress, over-styling, and bad nutrition are some of the factors that can lead to hair damage and hair loss. What is not that obvious is where the solution to get thicker, stronger, shinier, and longer hair comes from. Read on to find out what to do, what not to do, and our K-Beauty hair product recommendations to achieve your hair goals.

Start With Your Skin

More than knowing where healthy hair comes from (hello, scalp!), if you want stronger and longer hair, you should start looking into how well you are treating its roots. Remember, your scalp is an extension of your skin, thus, it needs a good scrub and brush every now and then to get rid of dead skin cells, just like any other part of your body. 

Exfoliating your scalp also helps to stimulate the local blood flow and remove product buildup. In other words, it prepares the “soil” for stronger new strands to grow. If you have dry or normal hair, try exfoliating your scalp once a month. If you have oily roots, aim to exfoliate every two weeks. You will start noticing a big difference, including less oil buildup, less discomfort and less dandruff.

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Don’t know where to start? Try the La’dor Tea Tree Scalp Clinic Hair Pack, which is a weekly scalp treatment that helps restore scalp health and target dandruff concerns. This multi-tasking treatment is formulated with tea tree leaf oil and aloe leaf extract to help soothe and eliminate dry, flaky and itchy skin, and snail extract to help strengthen and nourish the hair from its roots.

Watch How You Wash It

If you are used to drowning the full length of your hair in shampoo, it’s time to stop. Using too much product may be the reason behind thin, weak locks. Let’s start with how much product you are using: A quarter-size amount does the job, no matter if you have short, medium, or long hair. That’s because you don’t need to wash your hair as much as you need to wash your head. Too much product can strip away essential oils and lipids that prevent breakage and dryness. 

When shampooing your hair, gently massage the scalp with your fingertips and rinse with cold or lukewarm water. Keep in mind that hot water can dry out and strip natural oils from your scalp. Before applying conditioner, squeeze excess water off of the strands of your hair. This will help your hair soak up all the moisturizing ingredients and benefits of your conditioner. Remember, conditioner belongs on the drier areas of your hair, that is, from the mid-length to the ends. Last but not least, take a deep breath and do a cold-water rinse at the end of each shower— come on, just for a few seconds! You will notice the difference: Cold water helps smooth the outer layer of the hair, preventing moisture loss and even help hair stand up to heat damage.

Find Your Allies

Many swear by coconut oil, and others live by the rules of protein treatments. It doesn’t matter which one is your particular “hair savior,” but finding the right formula for you among shampoos, leave-in conditioners, overnight masks, heat protectants, and moisturizing creams is essential to great hair. These products enhance the shine, improve texture, and prevent frayed ends. We recommend applying an oil or mask treatment once a week. However, similar to our advice on the amount of shampoo you should use, don’t douse your hair with product, and instead aim to work it through the hair evenly, either gently with your fingers or a wide-toothed comb.

Here are a few of our favorite hair treatment products:

British M Annatto Hair Oil: You may recall the hype around this 2017 Soko Glam Best of K-beauty™ Award winning hair oil. Infused with annatto, organic pumpkin seed and argan oil, this treatment will instantly moisturize, detangle, nourish and strengthen hair that’s dry and brittle. It also coats and protects strands from sun or heat damage. The great thing about this super lightweight hair oil is that you can apply and reapply once or twice throughout the day without worrying about it weighing your hair down or leaving a greasy residue.

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British M Hydrate Hair Butter: If you need an extra moisture boost to revive dry and damaged hair, this luxe hair butter will do the trick. Formulated with shea butter and argan oil, this hair treatment will deeply hydrate while repairing dry, brittle and damaged hair. It will leave strands looking silkier, shinier, and healthier with just one use. You can use it as a hair mask, conditioner, or a leave-in treatment post-shower.

La’dor Keratin Power Glue: La’dor is known for using popular and effective skin care ingredients, such as snail mucin, in its hair care products. Snail mucin can help strengthen thin and delicate hair strands and prevent your hair from excessive heat damage. The snail extract in this hair essence coupled with keratin and other vitamin-packed ingredients, such as moringa seed oil and collagen, help to revive color-treated and damaged hair for softer and silkier strands.

Do Not Wrap Your Hair In A Towel

Drying and holding your hair up in a bath towel can cause a lot of hair strain and breakage, especially if you wrap it too tight. That’s because your fragile strands can get caught in all those towel fibers. Instead of wrapping your hair in a towel after showering, try squeezing the moisture out of the ends of your hair with a small hand towel or microfiber towel—they’re softer in texture and are way less aggressive than traditional terrycloth towels. Plus, it helps to prevent frizz.

The Brush Hour

If you give your brushing routine some special attention, results may come even quicker. Use a wide-tooth comb to brush through tangles, starting at the tips of your hair (think: that way you avoid piling up snags). Try combing your hair while in the shower with conditioners and other moisturizing products to evenly coat the strands while detangling your hair without the extra strain.

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