At Soko Glam, our goal is to inspire good skin habits. We believe skin care is a personal journey that should evolve with you and with our trusted curations, we’re here to guide you through that process for only good (skin) days ahead.
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The Klog Skin Care Line

A Major Announcement: The Klog Skin Care is Here!

Inspired by The Klog community, we’ve developed a new skin care line with Soko Glam Labs that’s exclusively available on Soko Glam. Since 2013, we’ve been your educational skin care resource to help you achieve your skin goals through in-depth reviews, tutorials, and tips. With acne as one of your top concerns, we challenged ourselves to find the most effective and gentle solutions for all skin types and tones. This Klog Skin Care is focused on reliable, treatment-oriented, and effective skin care from a trusted and vetted source at everyday prices. Read on to hear from Charlotte on why The Klog Skin Care line is such an important milestone.

It’s a thrilling day today for The Klog team! So exciting! 

But before I get into the details on why today is a big day for us, I’m feeling a bit nostalgic, so let’s backtrack a bit and walk down memory lane. 

When Soko Glam launched in 2012, we were a baby site with only a handful of products. In the process of curating, I realized that most of the conversations I had with our community were about their specific concerns and how to set up their customized skin care routine. So, we launched The Klog (short for Korean Beauty Log, and a nod to “clogged pores”) to assist with answering the skin-specific questions we were getting by posting articles a few times a week on Soko Glam. A few years later, we realized how helpful this information was to many of you, and we got requests to produce more and more content. 

So in 2016, we doubled down on the education that is so crucial to help you on your skin care journey, and relaunched The Klog on its own separate site, which you’re at now! We filled it with expert interviews, in-depth tutorials, ingredient guides, and dove deep on specific skin concerns. While there are a ton of beauty sites that may cover general beauty and lifestyle advice, we stayed hyper-focused on the topic of skin. 

Looking back at our seven-year journey, I think one of the most special moments thus far has been seeing our community members not only talk about how much they love our curations on Soko Glam, but how many mention The Klog as being an important part of their journey too! 

So… what’s next? Today we have huge news. Inspired by The Klog and our community, we are launching our very first product line, The Klog Skin Care!

Based on the principles of, skin care solutions from The Klog Skin Care are created to educate the community, treat your individual skin concerns and provide you with the most effective results – at everyday prices, like the ones you’d see at the drugstore. 

And we’re starting our journey with acne. 

The Klog Soft Shield Pimple Patch

Acne is by far the topic that gets the most requests and are the articles that consistently get you talking. And, we hear you! Acne is one of the most frustrating, persistent parts of your skin care journey, whether navigating it as a teen (or as the parent of a teen) or with breakouts of hormonal adult acne, and educating yourself on how to prevent and control breakouts is crucial.

That’s why we partnered with Soko Glam Labs™, a team of research and development experts in Korea, to launch our first product, The Klog Soft Shield Pimple Patch! With 42 patches at only $6, along with beveled edges for a more flexible and secure fit, we know these 100% vegan hydrocolloid patches are going to be your trusted companion throughout your skin care journey. To read more details about this innovation, check out our full, in-depth review here.

We know there’s a lot of options out there for skin care, but we’re excited to embark on this journey to ensure you get to experience reliable, treatment-oriented skin care from a trusted source like The Klog


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