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Thank You Farmer Sun Shimmer Essence

We’re Obsessed With This Glow-Inducing Sunscreen

We admit it: We’ve claimed to have found the perfect sunscreen for people who hate sunscreen a number of times. But the Thank You Farmer Sun Project Shimmer Sun Essence not only belongs in that category, it’s shot to the top of our list. Read on to find out what makes it so great.

No one wants a sunscreen that makes them look greasy or shiny, but what about an SPF that leaves you looking perfectly glowy? That, I’m interested in.

The Thank You Farmer Sun Project Shimmer Sun Essence features a pearlescent formula that gives skin a luminous finish, along with broad-spectrum SPF 30 protection.

Given that I’m already a huge fan of the brand’s Sun Project Light Sun Essence – a lightweight, texturally elegant formula – I jumped at the opportunity to try the shimmer version, new to Soko Glam.

At first squeeze, the sunscreen looks almost a little too shimmery for a sunscreen, not to mention it’s light pink. I love a glow, but I don’t necessarily want to look like a disco ball on a Tuesday morning. However, once its rubbed in, the finish is more toned down.

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Like the original Sun Essence version, this one absorbs quickly, leaving no white cast or sticky, slimy residue. Plus, it doesn’t have that tell-tale sunscreen smell.

In addition to giving skin a brighter appearance, the formula is also designed to tone correct and serve as a makeup primer. Plus, it contains brightening niacinamide, and soothing and hydrating ingredients like shea butter, aloe leaf extract, and walnut oil. Because of its many benefits, applying it every day doesn’t feel like a chore.

As for the results: My skin does look seriously dewy and radiant every time I wear it – a look that’s not easy for someone with dry skin like me to achieve in the middle of winter – and I loved how flawless my makeup looks on top and the staying power the sunscreen gives it. This is also the type of formula that I could wear by itself on days I don’t feel like wearing foundation on top.

On hot, humid days in the summer when I’m already looking naturally glowy (read: sweaty), I may switch back to my OG Sun Essence, however, the Shimmer Sun Essence will be getting a lot of mileage until then.

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