SOKO SECRET: Jo Yoo Min, 24, Student

By June 14, 2016

The Routine
The weather is so hot these days, I use lightweight, gel-based moisturizers. I switch everything else in my routine so that the products are not heavy and can absorb quickly into my skin. For my double cleanse, I use a cleansing water as the first part of my double cleanse. Then I use a foaming cleanser as my second step. If I neglect my foaming cleanser, I notice that I get more blackheads and more pores are larger. I always use an essence, in mist form, because it’s easy to apply and has a lightweight consistency.

The Secret
When people are cleansing their face, they try making bubbles by rubbing the cleanser on their hands and face. That’s a big mistake. Rubbing your skin will lead to wrinkles. That’s why I always use a foam cleanser and use my pinky finger to clean and massage my skin gently.