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How To Find Your Dream Routine with Soko Glam’s Skin Concierge

Do you have questions about your skin type, how to start incorporating the double cleanse in your skin routine, or what skin care products to use as a city dweller during the cold winter months? Soko Glam’s complimentary Skin Concierge service has all the answers, and yes, it’s free! Below, Matt Woodcox, a skin care and lifestyle blogger, shares his experience with Skin Concierge.


I have been a fan of Soko Glam for a while. I have turned to them many times for my K-beauty skin care needs. I know that they have knowledge behind every product they curate and I know I can trust that if they carry it—it’s gotta be good! What I wasn’t really aware of until recently is that they offer a complimentary service called Skin Concierge. This is a 1-on-1 twenty-minute text-based service with a trained skin care expert. They will use results from a skin assessment to help find the perfect routine for your specific skin needs. 

Step 1: The skin quiz 

You start out the process with a skin quiz that will analyze your skin’s specific needs and concerns. I found the quiz to be very straightforward and fairly quick to get through, and it wasn’t full of filler questions. From my experience, these types of quizzes are usually very long with questions that seem very useless to the topic. What I loved most about the skin assessment was that it really made me think about my skin needs, and reminded me that there are many contributing factors to the skin’s appearance. You are able to let Soko Glam’s Skin Care Experts know if you are looking for an entire routine or a specific product (cleanser, serum, moisturizer, etc) based on the results from the quiz. So it really helps them customize the experience based on your skin type and needs.

Step 2: The skin consultation 

Once I completed the skin quiz, I scheduled a text-based consultation to fit my schedule. I chose to schedule the appointment a few hours after the quiz was done. I received a text from the expert assigned to me introducing herself. From there, we spoke about building an entire routine for me based on my skin analysis. The expert took into account my skin’s needs, the climate I live in, and gave me specific product recommendations to help me work towards the goals I have (I, of course, asked her to make my skin look DEWY!). I found it to be very personable and I loved interacting with an actual human being who listened to me versus a virtual AI bot telling me what I needed. 

The results

A few days later the products arrived at my doorstep and I was able to begin testing them out. I found the products to be well-suited for my skin. I was very impressed with this because honestly, I wasn’t sure if some would work for me because they weren’t things that I would normally gravitate towards if I was shopping on my own. But the entire routine was so cohesive, and each product seemed to help complement the others. It’s amazing that someone could hand-select the products without ever seeing my skin in-person! 

I found the products to not only be a complete daily routine, but I was able to interchange the products out with others in my current routine as needed. For instance, if my skin felt extra dry one day, I was able to simply change out the toner for something more hydrating. The full multi-step routine I received is something I have continued to use, and I actually found a few new holy grail products, too! 

Bottom line

Overall Soko Glam Skin Concierge service was absolutely enjoyable from start to finish. I really appreciate the fact that they take the time to personalize the experience with a 1-on-1 consultation with an actual expert. I was amazed that the products were so spot-on for me. It’s really great to be able to get this type of professional service not only complimentary, but also from the privacy of your own home—especially during a pandemic! 

Want to learn more about how Soko Glam’s Skin Concierge service works? Learn more here, or watch the video below:

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