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Love Serums? We Have The Best Ones to Add to Your Holiday Wish List, By Skin Concern

Our favorite active packed staples are always a welcome routine addition. 

Struggling to flesh out your wish list or find the perfect product to gift to a loved one this holiday season? We can help with that. 

The serum, one of our favorite skin care products, is extremely versatile, packed with impactful active ingredients, and can be layered- meaning you can use more than one in your routine. All of this good stuff makes it a pretty ideal stocking stuffer or present! We mean, who wouldn’t be happy to receive (or ask for) a new addition to their routine that’s tailored to their skin concerns? 

In order to make the holidays a bit easier, we’re outlining our favorite serums to gift, by skin concern, so you can polish off that list and wrap up your buying early! 

For Hyperpigmentation or Skin Discoloration:

For all of the skin-lovers looking for a way to fade post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation or combat the aftermath of a breakout, a vitamin C serum might be skin changing.

Not only is vitamin C our favorite option to tackle an uneven tone, but it’s also a powerful antioxidant that protects our skin from external aggressors. In addition, vitamin C enhances the benefits of your sunscreens to prevent future sun damages from cancer-causing UV rays.

That’s why we recommend gifting, or asking for, the Goodal Green Tangerine Vita C Serum, which is currently a trending K-Beauty holy grail! This serum contains 70% green tangerine extract, which is 10x more potent than its mature counterpart, to deliver fast and long-term results for clear, bright, youthful-looking skin. And unlike other vitamin C serum’s that can either pill or leave a sticky film on the skin, the Green Tangerine Vita C Serum has a nice smooth gel texture that sinks right into the skin. 

And if you or your giftee have sensitive skin, we have ta gentle skin-brightening alternative. Meet the Acwell Licorice pH Balancing Advance Serum, our favorite vitamin C alternative, which also earned its place as a Soko Glam’s Best of K-Beauty Winner in 2021. The Licorice pH Balancing Advance Serum uses a cocktail of antioxidants including licorice water, licorice root extract, and niacinamide to help effectively fade skin discoloration while calming the skin from future inflammations. 

But we are not done just yet! Because there’s one other great ingredient in treating hyperpigmentation. Say hello to Vitamin B3, aka niacinamide. This superpower antioxidant, which has quickly become one of our holy grail ingredients, helps treat skin inflammation, prevent breakouts while brightening the skin. That is why we recommend the newly dropped Manyo Factory Galac Niacin 2.0 Essence, which contains 93.69% galactomyces and niacinamide to gently exfoliate the skin while preventing future skin discoloration. 

For Inflammation and Breakouts:

If you or your gift recipient has acne-prone skin, we have a great pick!

The Benton Snail Bee Ultimate Serum is a multi-purpose serum (which can also be used on the body for breakouts) that uses the regenerative properties of snail mucin to repair the skin’s natural moisture barrier, fade acne scars, and treat hyperpigmentation, all the while moisturizing the skin. In addition, the serum also uses tea tree oil to target acne causing bacteria on the skin as well as to calm red, inflamed zits.

For Moisture and Hydration: 

Looking for a serum that will keep your skin moisturized and hydrated throughout the holidays and into the new year? Sioris is here to grace you with their Bring the Light Serum. This skin-saving serum contains three types of hyaluronic acid that penetrate deep into the epidermis layer of the skin, delivering a boost of hydration while protecting the skin’s moisture barrier. It also contains 49.4% organic green tea water to help soothe sensitive skin and prevent future skin damage. And the best part, all skin types can benefit from the versatility of this serum!

+What serum best fits your skin concerns? Drop your favorite below!

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