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The Non-Greasy Face Oil You’ll Actually Want to Apply This Summer

The Rovectin Barrier Repair Face Oil will change your mind about using a face oil in the summer. Find out what happened when one writer with oily skin tried it over the course of five hot days. 

As someone with oily skin, I’ve always been wary of using oils on my face. I mean, adding oils to an already oily surface just sounds like it would make the problem worse, right? Especially in summer, which is by and far the most dreaded season for oily skin types, I treat my skin very cautiously to avoid producing excess sebum and clogged pores.

Until recently, I had only used oils on my face sparingly – a dot of rosehip oil to cure a dry patch or carrot seed oil to repair a dark spot. But last week, I tried the Rovectin Barrier Repair Face Oil, and let’s just say that the results were surprising.

Before getting into what it did for my skin, let’s talk ingredients and formula.

Two of the Rovectin Barrier Repair Face Oil’s key ingredients are neroli and sunflower seed oils, both non-pore-clogging and good for acne-prone and oily skin types. It also contains nourishing and restorative ingredients like squalane and tocopherol (vitamin E). The formula is clean, lightweight, and has a fast-absorbing texture.

What it did for my skin:

I began using the face oil by dropping two to three small drops onto my palms and patting it into my skin after cleansing my skin at night. After one use, I woke up with soft and supple skin. When I put my makeup on that morning, it felt like it was going on more smoothly, and my skin felt hydrated throughout the entire next day. Other face oils I had tried in the past left my skin feeling sticky and smothered after putting them on, but this one immediately felt light and nourishing. Throughout the day, it didn’t feel like my skin was being stifled by the oil in the heat; instead, it felt as though I hadn’t applied anything extra at all but my skin had magically been refreshed overnight.

For day two, I decided to mix the face oil with my usual nightly moisturizer for extra hydration rather than using it alone. With only two drops added to a dime-sized pump of moisturizer, my skin was glowing the next day – not shiny, and some dry spots on my chin had even vanished. By day three, my face felt like silk to the touch. Adding the face oil to my routine didn’t make me more oily or clog my pores at all.

I was surprised but excited to find that while using the oil in my routine, it took longer for my face to get oily and shiny throughout the day. My skin is already youthful and firm, but the oil improved my overall complexion by making me look more bright, awake, and refreshed; I even looked more hydrated and moisturized.

Bottom line

The Rovectin Face Oil is extremely lightweight, and adding it to my skin care routine didn’t make my other products feel thick or slimy like I expected, but rather like an extra layer of hydration. Personally, I prefer to mix it with my moisturizer and apply both at the same time before bed to obtain the benefits from both products simultaneously and add some fluidity and hydration to my moisturizer, but using it in replacement of moisturizer works just as well. 

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