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The Review: Missha Magic Cushion

If you haven’t seen yet, Missha finally released the M Magic Cushion and I was thrilled to curate it. With more and more brands fighting to be part of the cushion compact market, it was only a matter of time that a Korean brand associated with one of the best BB creams on the market (Perfect Cover) would come out with a cushion of their own.

For those who are just tuning in: a cushion compact is a sponge that is saturated with a sheer, weightless foundation. You dab an applicator into the sponge and pat the applicator directly onto the skin. Convenient packaging and buildable formula make re-application of makeup easy and fast. The formula typically offers multiple benefits including sun protection, moisturizing and anti-aging ingredients.

But let me backpedal a bit. Mini rant time: Missha DID come out with a Magic Cushion Case about a year ago, but I never curated it because I tested it and it was such a miss, it was embarrassing. Their concept was a random sponge that you squeezed your existing BB cream into. Sure, it could work if you’re the type to blend several creams into one. But to me, it was a blatant insult to the cushion compact innovation – which, sorry to say, isn’t simply a sponge with foundation squeezed into it. The consistency, texture of the formula is key to the success of the cushion compact. So is the quality and materials the sponge is made out of. You can’t haphazardly threw together a poor representation of a “cushion compact” just to get one out there. -END RANT-

That being said, I forgive Missha because they made up for it with the launch of their M Magic Cushion, which I find to be overall a great cushion product.

Here’s why:


  • Its blue applicator sponge wicks off just the right amount of the formula from the sponge and applies seamlessly and lightly onto the skin. No caked on coverage which is the benefit of the cushion technology.
  • The formula is reminiscent of the O.G. IOPE Air Cushion because it has SPF 50+/PA+++, is moisturizing and leaves a dewy finish.
  • Sleek white package design that is even thinner than the IOPE Air Cushion.
  • Admittedly, the biggest win is the price for the M Magic Cushion. $19 is a steal, almost a too-good-to-be-true kind of steal. It doesn’t come with a refill, but those who are wishing to make their first leap into cushion compact world, this one would be a perfect way to start out.
  • Currently there are two shades N21 Light Beige and N23 Natural Beige. Missha is coming out with a more variety of shades, similar to their Perfect Cover BB cream swatches. Stay tuned for more shade launches here!



  • I prefer a dewier finish, which I find IOPE does better. If you prefer matte, M Magic Cushion could be a better fit.
  • The M Magic Cushion contains 15g, identical to the IOPE – but why do I feel like I ran out of the M Magic Cushion much quicker?
  • I seriously wonder if there is a patent issue pending with Missha and AmorePacific that will cause these to be yanked off the market because they are so similar to the IOPE!

The cushion compact battle rages on! Can’t wait to see what other brands come out with! What’s your go-to cushion compact?

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