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Glow Deeper™ Series: Awaken Your Skin and Your Senses With Then I Met You’s Renewing Rich Beauty Cream, Their Latest Moisturizing Dream

This dreamy, creamy intentional innovation is here to cocoon your skin in moisture.

Ahead of the release of Then I Met You’s latest innovation, we were granted a special introduction and behind the scenes peek from the brand’s founder (and our founder too!) Charlotte Cho.

In celebration of Then I Met You’s 3rd year anniversary, let me introduce the newest member of the growing Then I Met You family, our creamy, dreamy and dewy Renewing Rich Beauty Cream.

Fun fact: Then I Met You only drops two products a year, with each product usually having a 2+ year development process. We like to go deeper. We’re thoughtful and intentional because we know that we must rise above the rest of the millions of creams out there in the market (and win some awards along the way!)

Now, let’s take a look into what makes our hydrating, ginseng powered dreamy cream so special- and explore why it deserves a spot in your routine.  

Why Ginseng?

Ginseng became a hot topic for me personally and professionally. 

Dr. Claire Chang, a close dermatologist colleague, told me it’s her go-to ingredient that she recommends to her patients for skin smoothing and brightening benefits, especially for those concerned about fine lines, deep wrinkles and loss of elasticity. This intrigued me. On a personal level, my entire family drinks potent ginseng regularly through tea, so I was curious enough to dive deep into the research and learn more about the topical benefits of ginseng.

What I found was that ginseng, when harnessed the right way, can truly be powerful for your skin. Although it’s a popular medicinal ingredient in Asia, few brands feature the potent ingredient in their formulations. Korean brand Sulwhasoo, a luxury skin care line, is one of the few brands that have utilized the ingredient for skin care.

So, I went all in with research and development specialists to make a cream that would feature this innovative and powerful ingredient. Ginseng is rich in amino acids, flavonoids, phenolic compounds and polypeptides, and works incredibly well at reducing free radicals that could lead to premature aging. To top it off, there are many studies to show its impact on being a natural skin brightener!

We chose Panax ginseng extracts that were steamed and dried 9 times, (a process that is even used with ginseng that is consumed.) Panax ginseng, the highest grade ginseng, really enhances the potency of the Renewing Rich Beauty Cream. 

More on the potent effects of ginseng here.

Who is this cream for?

I didn’t make this cream for perfect skin. If you’re like me, 36, and seeing some signs of aging (fine to deep lines), dullness, dry/parched skin, and want to see more of a dewy, bounce and glow– I made this for you with the most natural, powerful ingredient available.

If you’re tired of “rich” creams doing nothing but sitting on the surface of your skin, or just making you into a grease ball– the Renewing Rich Beauty Cream will surprise and delight you. It feels like  the most hydrating cocoon of moisture that absorbs quickly, but gives you that deep and long-lasting moisture your skin is craving.

And although ginseng is an incredibly pricey ingredient, I made this at an accessible price point (nothing like the $100+ ginseng creams I’ve seen) and also made this a fragrance-free experience so that even sensitive skin types could enjoy it.

Not all moisturizers are created equal

Believe it or not, moisturizers are often not made correctly. At the very minimum, you need occlusives, emollients and humectants to make a great moisturizer, and oddly enough many moisturizers don’t strike the right balance. The Renewing Rich Beauty Cream has all of them, and complementary ones at that. 

It also features 3 power-hydrators: high concentrations of squalane, baobab and hyaluronic acid to ensure your skin both feels and is deeply hydrated.

Unreal Texture

In my years of development testing and curating for Soko Glam I’ve never come across a moisturizer that feels like this on my skin. I’m really proud of this experience that we’ve created, and I know it will stand out amongst many of the popular creams out there. Many focus group tests later, I know that the testimonials and reviews have spoken. 

Tips on How To Use:

It’s winter and your skin is parched! Here’s a pro-tip for getting the most of your moisturizer: apply on newly damp skin. Whether you are coming out of a shower, or damping your face with toner and essence prior to applying cream, moisturizers work longer and better in these conditions. 

You’ll notice this is a cream with a special slip to it that would be perfect for incorporating in a mini facial massage to start or end your day. We call this our Glow Deeper 9 Point Facial Massage, and we’ll share the entire technique soon! It’s incredibly invigorating and so necessary to invest in just 1-2 minutes of a facial and neck massage, with the strains of looking at a computer or smartphone all day. It promotes circulation, it brightens your complexion, and it helps sculpt and lift. 

You can use the Renewing Rich Beauty Cream morning and night! Though it has a special slip, I didn’t want it to make it so decadent that you couldn’t use it in the morning or your makeup would slide off. 

As you can see, we literally thought of everything when it comes to the Renewing Rich Beauty Cream and I can’t wait for you to try it, and share your experience with us.

With jeong, 

Charlotte Cho

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