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We’re Letting You In On the Winter Combo Your Skin Needs: Moisturizer + SPF

Winter’s must-have skin care duo is moisturizer and sunscreen. We’re shouting out our current favorites below—which happen to be two Best of K-Beauty Award Winners®—to ensure your skin is hydrated and protected! 

Come winter, it’s time to trade in your sleeveless tanks for cozy cable knit sweaters and your poolside lounging for time in front of the fireplace. One thing you should never lay to rest during the chilly months, though, is sunscreen. In fact, every skin care pro will tell you that it’s important to wear your sunscreen rain or shine, indoors or outdoors, summer and winter! 

We argue that one of the best skin care combinations during winter is a luxurious moisturizer and an SPF. Today we’re explaining why and showcasing our current top picks in each category. 

Why You Need a Quality Moisturizer in Winter 

Cold and dry winter air is notoriously brutal on your skin. Add the fact that drying indoor heaters are constantly running and you’ve got a recipe for skin that looks and feels dry, rough, and lackluster. 

Using a high-quality moisturizer will help your skin stay more hydrated, which translates to a glowing, healthy complexion. Here are some additional ways you can tweak your winter skin care regimen:

The Importance of Wearing Sunscreen All Year Long 

Though we often equate sunscreen with summertime, your skin is susceptible to UV damage throughout the year. In the winter, you should apply an SPF of 30+/PA+++ in the morning to any exposed skin (including your neck, chest, and hands), then re-apply approximately every four hours.  

The sun’s UV rays are no joke and consistent exposure can result in skin cancer and premature signs of aging, including fine lines and wrinkles, sunspots, and laxity. Protecting yourself is as simple as apply a layer of lightweight sunscreen, so why wouldn’t you want to take this step?

Our Favorite Winter Moisturizer + Sunscreen 

Seeking the perfect winter moisturizer and sunscreen duo? We’re excited to showcase two of Soko Glam’s recent Best of K-Beauty® winners! 

Moisturizer: Rovectin Lotus Water Cream (Best Vegan Beauty)

Your skin will thank you for applying this delightful drink of lotus water! Not only does this award-winning cream deeply hydrate your skin, but it also works overtime to bolster your skin’s barrier. As a result, your skin’s able to lock in moisture more efficiently, and it helps keep damaging toxins and pollutants from wreaking havoc.  

Lotus flower extract is the hero here, which absorbs impurities for a clearer-looking complexion. It’s also formulated with natural flavonoids to prevent signs of aging, as well as Aquaxyl™, a patented hydrating ingredient that seriously boosts moisture for a glowing, plump, radiant complexion.

Sunscreen: Neogen Day-Light Protection Airy Sunscreen (The New Classic)

Sunscreen should be applied to your skin after your moisturizer and before any makeup. This sophisticated formulation from Neogen is so airy and light that you won’t even notice it’s there. 

It also absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave behind that tell-tale white cast, making it a perfect sun protector for all complexions. Your skin will also love that it’s infused with 20 botanical extracts, including soothing aloe vera, hydrating avocado, antioxidant rich acai, and calming hibiscus.

+What shifts do you make to your skin care routine in the winter? Let’s swap tips in the comments below.

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