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Product Review: Moonshot Perfect Cleansing Oil - The Klog

Meet The Prettiest Cleansing Oil in Korea

Trust us: The Moonshot Perfect Cleansing Oil is one of the prettiest new formulas being displayed on Korean beauty shelves right now. Read on to see what Koreans are saying about this shimmery, glittery oil cleanser that is sure to stand out on your vanity.

About the Brand: Moonshot
Moonshot is a relatively new brand in South Korea. Launched in 2014 by YG Entertainment group (known for being the label behind world-renowned Korean artists like Psy and 2NE1), Moonshot is mostly known mainly for their bold, bright, and playful multifunctional makeup. While we love the brand’s color cosmetic offerings, they also have created a line of skin care essentials. After seeing the perfectly iridescent Perfect Cleansing Oil on their shelves, we decided to test and see if this product was worth the splurge.

Product Review: Moonshot Perfect Cleansing Oil - The Klog
The Product: Moonshot’s Perfect Cleansing Oil

If you’re a brand famous for your bold color cosmetics, you better have a great cleansing oil to help wash it all off. Moonshot did just that, by bottling up a metallic, pearly pink liquid in super sleek packaging. But pretty bottle aside, we have to admit, we wondered if it was really a worthwhile oil cleanser or just for looks. For the sake—and fun– of beauty, we asked our Seoul-based collaborator, Dahee Lee, to test and report on her findings.

First Impressions
“I was a bit concerned before trying out this product for a simple reason: I have oily, sensitive skin,” says Dahee. “While part of me was excited to give it a try, another was still pretty skeptical. I wondered, “How would my sensitive skin react to this shimmery pink oil?” I’ve been an avid user of cleansing balms for years now, but a lot of regular cleansing oils either gave me acne or milia.

Product Review: Moonshot Perfect Cleansing Oil - The Klog
My Final Review

Moonshot’s Perfect Cleansing Oil is a gentle, hypoallergenic, light formula packed with natural oils such as calendula, rosewood, and macadamia seed oils to moisturize and nourish the skin. For acne-prone and sensitive skin types, this formula also soothes irritated and sensitive skin, and works to restore the skin’s barrier function.

The shimmer comes from the micro pearl powders infused in the oils that reach deep into your pores to absorb sebum and cleanse any impurities, from sunscreen to makeup and dirt.

Thankfully the shimmer ended up just being for show, and didn’t leave any product or shimmery residue on the skin. After washing it off, my skin was clean, refreshed, and soft—with no greasy feeling! And even after a few weeks using this product I can finally say that I found the one—no signs of milia or acne! This oil cleanser even removed Missha’s Real Proof Color Fix Liner (a really intense waterproof formula) without leaving any traces of ink on my white towel.

While this oil cleanser did not end up highlighting my face artificially, I did see a natural, beautiful glow after a few weeks of use—signs of healthy, hydrated skin.

+ Collaborated (copy and images): Dahee Lee, from Seoul.

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