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pregnancy skin care routine

A Seoul-Based Blogger Shares Her Pregnancy-Safe Skin Care Routine

Seoul-based teacher and blogger Mika Wells AKA @theseoulchild moved to Korea from Georgia five years ago. She and her husband are expecting their first child in early 2020. Here, she’s sharing how her skin concerns and routine have changed during pregnancy, plus her current pregnancy-safe skin care must-haves. 

The Klog: What’s your current pregnancy-safe skin care routine and which products are you loving right now?

Mika: I start my skin care routine by washing my face with Sioris Day by Day Cleansing Gel Two to three times per week I like to exfoliate with Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective Skin Brightening Exfoliator.
My skin type is dry so maintaining moisture in my skin, especially during the winter, is really important to me. That’s why Isntree Hyaluronic Acid Toner, Son Reve Tri-Bio Treatment Essence, A By Bom Ultra Time Return Eye Serum and Melixir Plant-Based Squalane Face Oil are my current holy grail products. These products make my face look brighter and feel smoother and when I feel that my skin looks good, it brings me joy and makes me feel ready to take on my day. 
In the evening, I prefer not to use heavy moisturizers, so I’ll use the squalane face oil on my face, decolletage, and hair before going to sleep.  In the daytime, I’ll use the squalane face oil again followed by Make P:rem Safe Me. Relief Moisture Cream mixed with a UV essence

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During your pregnancy, what changes have you made to your skin care routine?

My skin care routine is pretty much the same to what it was before I was pregnant. When I learned I was pregnant, I researched pregnancy-safe skin care and a lot of the products I was using daily I could continue to use. I had already been moving towards using more vegan and clean skin care products and I continue to use many of these items in my skin care routine.
The biggest change was stopping using retinoids. As I was approaching my mid-30s, I had begun using retinoids in my skin care routine and I was starting to see differences in my skin that I liked. As soon as I got into them, I got pregnant and had to stop using them. 

Have you noticed any changes in your skin over the last few months? 

Absolutely. In my first trimester, I had the “pregnancy glow” that people talk about. Then I hit my second trimester and I noticed I was getting breakouts mainly on my chin and also on my nose. And I had them once in a blue moon before, but now it seems like every time I get rid of a breakout I get another one.

What pregnancy skin care tips have you learned from friends, family, doctors, skin care experts, etc?

The biggest skin care tip I’ve received during pregnancy is to get a stretch mark cream for my stomach. My mom advised me to do a lot of research to make sure the cream I chose contained non-harmful ingredients. The cream I’m using is Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Massage Cream For Stretch Marks, which contains ingredients like pure cocoa butter and shea butter. 
I am a very laid-back person when it comes to skin care. I love taking care of my skin, but I don’t take skin care trends too seriously. What feels good on my face, is convenient, and is healthy for my skin is what I like. And if other people have good things to say about the products, then that is a plus. 
I also love doing research so I’ve read articles on pregnancy-safe skin care on The Klog and Into the Gloss. I like learning about skin care and I want to try my best to maintain healthy skin for myself and to model that for my daughter as well. 

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Living in Seoul, you have access to a lot of great skin care and spa treatments. Which treatments have you been enjoying during pregnancy? 

At least once per month I visit Cimer Aqua Spa and Jjimjil Spa at Paradise City Resort in Incheon, just outside of Seoul. A typical visit includes renting a chaise lounge by one of the pools, swimming, resting in the water, and eating. While the heated rooms in the jjimjilbang are off-limits during pregnancy, I like to relax in their cool and unheated rooms.

As far as skin care treatments, I’ve always had problems with blackheads on my nose, so I’ve been getting an aqua peel about twice per month to clean my pores. Plus, I find it very relaxing.
I’ve also been enjoying prenatal massages one to two times per month. During pregnancy your body changes and you can experience new physical pains. I talked with my doctor about this and he recommended prenatal massages. These have been wonderful at relieving muscle tension in my back, as well as joint pain.

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