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The reasons why you should add yuza to your skin care routine

The Perks of Yuza In Skincare

Learn why you should add yuza, a potent natural skin care ingredient, to your skin care routine and all the benefits it will bring to your skin.

The Korean beauty world is a veritable, skin-nourishing garden when it comes to skincare ingredients. You’ve got aloe propolis, green tea, snail mucin and rice, and that’s just the beginning. At first, these ingredients often seem strange, but once you discover their benefits, it’s hard to look back. Even if that means you’re rubbing snail mucin on your face, am I right?

In any case, today I’m dishing on a shiny new ingredient that’s been popping up on our radar, and we’re sure you’ll be seeing much more of it in the future. We’re talking about yuza.

What Is It?

Yuza is a juicy, citrus fruit grown in Eastern Asia that looks like a miniature grapefruit. In South Korea, you’ll find it on tropical Jeju Island.

Before you get too confused, know that in Korean this fruit is called “yuza” with a soft “z “(유자), but in Japan it’s called “yuzu” or even “yuja.” Despite the different names, they’re the exact same fruit.

How Is It Used?

You often find yuza in Korean, Japanese and Chinese cuisine, but this ancient ingredient is also used medicinally and as a skincare ingredient.

“Yuzu is one of my favorite Asian citrus fruits for fragrance and flavoring,” says Mindy Yang, an olfactory artist and the founder of TheArtOfLiving.Earth. She was very excited to talk to us about this mysterious, powerful fruit.

In terms of its use as a skincare ingredient, Yang says that yuza is most commonly used in hot baths to help soothe and soften dry, irritated skin. It’s been used that way for a very long time. Not only is the scent invigorating, but the fruit oil helps you feel more relaxed while it heals your chapped skin. Because it contains a high concentration of vitamin C, this fruit stimulates collagen production and serves as an anti-aging ingredient.

Where Can You Find Products Containing This Ingredient?

As we mentioned, this is an up-and-coming ingredient. For that reason, it’s not found in many products (at least in the Western world) just yet. But get excited, because the skincare brand, Saturday Skin has incorporated this multipurpose ingredient into their Yuzu Vitamin C Sleep Mask!

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