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Travel Diary: New Brand Moonshot Introduces Edgy Makeup and Skincare in One

A hot new Korean beauty brand just launched and I couldn’t be more excited to check out their flagship in Korea. Here’s the scoop on Moonshot, which specializes in vivd, edgy colors à la MAC, but Korean.

Moonshot has two stores. This is the one I visited.

YG Entertainment, a management agency that represents the likes of Psy and other K-pop superstars, is behind the brand’s launch, starting with two brick and mortar stores in Seoul — one in Samcheongdong and one in Gangnam. I visited the Samcheongdong location.
After months of anticipation, I made it. Moonshot pilgramage success.

I loved how men were working the Moonshot store. It was very refreshing to see that more and more men who are very knowledgable about the products  are working in the cosmetic industry in Korea. Just as refreshing are the products.
Moonshot’s bold approach to color is similar to that of MAC.

The central focus is makeup — bold, bright looks that are definitely made to stand out. While browsing the Moonshot store, at first I thought their line-up was just vibrant colors with cool packaging. Turns out, they put essence in everything! From eyeshadows to lip tints, everything is formulated so that it’s actually adding moisture, anti-aging benefits, and more.

Skincare products are part of Moonshot’s line, but makeup is their main focus. 

And many of the products are formulated so they’re multi-functional. For example, their powder mousse can be used as an eyeshadow, highlighter, and even a blush. The mousse is vivid, and you wouldn’t expect it, but it’s actually moisturizing. Soothing and cooling, too.  Pretty cool.

Great for the minimalist. Most Moonshot products double as skincare or multiple cosmetics in one.

Although Korea has primarily been known for their skincare products, their makeup offerings have been improving and I believe they have a good chance at succeeding in the global market.

I picked up a Color Moonwalk Jelly Pot for eyelids in Stone Pillow and Cream Paint for lips in Pink Punch for myself.

Why? As a major trend, I see their philosophy for skincare is now merging with makeup across many different products, just as the cushion compact is not just skincare, and not only makeup — it’s both! It’s “skincare in a compact,” and I expect to see more of that stateside (and in my own beauty bag!) going forward. Check out Moonshot’s website here.

What’s on your beauty wish lists? Share below.


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