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Koreans' Makeup Secret: How to mix and match your skincare and makeup products

How to Mix Your Skincare and Makeup Products

Korean women are well-known for their glowy skin and flawless makeup. What few people know is that, in order to get this famous, perfect makeup look, they actually have their own trick too. Spoiler alert: it has everything to do with mixing and matching skincare and makeup products.

Korean women are masters when it comes to that subtle art of looking exactly the same as you did without makeup but somehow way better. For this, they take advantage of makeup formulas enriched with skincare ingredients. They also like to mix and match both their makeup and skincare products altogether for different purposes. We’ve put this new approach to makeup to the test and now share our favorite combinations below with you.

The One That Does It All
Whenever “dream” is in a product name, we’re usually pretty skeptical. But when it comes to Banila Co.’s White Wedding Dream Cream, well, this moisturizer defies expectations. It brightens, smoothes and hydrates and best of all, mixes perfectly with all our existing makeup faves to create the prettiest looks. Although darker skin tones may find the brightening effects of this cream a bit much on its own, mixing the product with other HGs, especially those that come in heavier formulas, might just solve all your problems. Mix it with that thick foundation hidden at the back of your drawer to brighten it a bit, with that dark creamy blush to soften its shade, or even with your contour stick to add a subtle, natural glow.

If you want to go one step further, try these “recipes” below:

Mix: Ardency Inn’s Americana Custom Coverage Concentrate

As the name already suggests, this foundation is a very thick one. Adding it to a hydrating and luminous formula such as Banila Co.’s Wedding Dream Cream makes it even more special. The luster in the moisturizer shines through, making it just the right amount of pigment and shining particles. The main difference when you use these two products together is that, instead of having your foundation appear flat and heavy on the skin, the finish is dewy and natural—with light to high coverage depending on how much concentrate you add.

Koreans' Makeup Secret: How to mix and match your skincare and makeup products
TonyMoly’s Crystal Tear Glitter Eyeliner
This pretty liner is perfect in the inner corners of the eye, but with a little moisturizer mixed in, it doubles as a high-shine highlighter. Though the cream’s sheen is subtle on its own, adding the glitter liner takes your glow to the next level. On the brow bone or cheek bone, this DYI highlighter dazzles with a glossy finish that’s totally Instagram-worthy.

Koreans' Makeup Secret: How to mix and match your skincare and makeup products
Mix: Peripera’s Wholly Deep Jewel Pot
Now, if you want a highlighter that’s a little more sun-kissed, go for this jewel pot in color #4, Be Celeb. The cream diffuses the high-quality pigments and creates the prettiest bronze and golden shimmer. The results? A luminous highlighter that’s perfect for your next vacation or Holidays party.

Koreans' Makeup Secret: How to mix and match your skincare and makeup products
Son & Park’s Air Tint Lip Cube
Sometimes we just want our lipsticks to match perfectly with our cheeks, is that too much to ask for? Never. Mix your favorite lipstick in with the moisturizer to get your very own cream blush. Banila Co.’s Wedding Dream Cream allows for a delicate, sheer application—aka that “glow from within” radiant look we all love.

+ Have a special trick yourself? Share with us in the comments!

Special thanks to 김 윤호 younoblues.

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