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The Sunscreen That Will Keep You Matte All Day

The Missha All Around Safe Block Sebum Zero Sun can keep you matte all day without breaking you out.

My combination skin is hard to deal with, and it certainly goes through an identity crisis every season. Since spring has arrived in New York City, I’ve recently begun experimenting with products to combat the end-of-the-day shine on my T-zone.

But while I’ve come across many mattifying products, I’m consistently disappointed in one department: sunscreens. No matter how much a sunscreen claims to be “non-greasy” and “absorb easily,” I’m always left feeling like there is a thin film of grease sitting on top of my skin. It muddles the effect of skincare products I’ve carefully layered underneath, not to mention the unpleasant sunscreen smell, and the way it sometimes flakes along my hairline.

So when I came across Missha All Around Safe Block Sebum Zero Sun—which claims to be for oily skin—I didn’t expect it to actually mattify my T-zone and keep the oil production at bay. The only thing I can believe, I thought, is the number on the label: SPF 50+. Turns out, it’s the most evolved sunscreen out there for oily skin.

What it feels and smells like:

Here’s what’s interesting about this sunscreen: The texture isn’t what you’d expect from a sunscreen for oily skin. It’s thick and creamy like Greek yogurt, but it spreads easily like a lotion and blends into a velvety finish. Most importantly, it absorbs pretty much right away, without that feeling of a film of grease sitting on top of your skin. When I wear it, my face feels smooth like a peach, and even hydrated, as if it has taken a sip of cold water. The floral scent is also quite pleasant. It’s subtle—neither overpowering nor artificial like so many drugstore sunscreens I’ve tried.

What it looks like:

When it comes to a white cast, there certainly is some. But it’s not the worst out of all the other sunscreens I’ve tried, especially for an Asian one. Plus, on days when I’m running errands, working out, or in general feeling lazy, I personally prefer something that has a slight white cast so I can brighten up my face without putting on foundation.

What my sister (who has much oilier skin than me) thought of it:

When I wore it alone, I didn’t have to powder or blot throughout the day, which is a major plus because, frankly, I’d rather take a nap than touch up my face. But since my skin type is combination, and the sunscreen is made for oily skin, I thought it would be best to give it to my sister to put it to the test. 

My sister is one of those people who’s always shocked (but weirdly impressed) by how much oil her face is capable of producing. Makeup slides around on top of her nose, forehead, and cheeks, and she struggles all year round with blackheads and large pores caused by excess sebum and sweat. Naturally, sunscreens aren’t her favorite. 

She decided to wear the Missha All Around Safe Block Sebum Zero Sun alone without powder and spent the entire day walking along the High Line in the warm spring weather. At the end of the day, her T-zone wasn’t shiny or sticky at all, and the rest of her face wasn’t dry or flaky (which is a true feat). Her skin felt velvety throughout the day, just like how it felt when she first applied the sunscreen. And best of all, it felt very mild on her skin. Even though it has a high SPF and it’s very effective in keeping her skin matte, it didn’t make her skin flare up or sting her eyes.

Final word:

If your skin is very dry and you prefer a tackier finish, then I wouldn’t recommend this sunscreen. But if you live in a hot, humid climate or you struggle with large pores, oil, and sebum, definitely give this a try.

In Korea, Missha sunscreens are known for their light texture, ability to absorb easily, and affordability, which make them great for outdoor activity. The Missha All Around Safe Block Sebum Zero Sun is exceptional because it contains extracts of tea tree, green tea, and thanaka (a paste made from ground bark) that calm and cool the skin while fighting breakouts. As the weather gets warmer, I know I’ll be reaching for this sunscreen more often.

+ What’s your favorite mattifying sunscreen you rely on during the summer? Let us know in the comments!


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