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I Finally Found a Cushion Compact That Works For My Tan Skin Tone – And It Feels Good

Haven’t been able to find a foundation, or more specifically, a K-beauty cushion compact that matches your skin tone? Meet the Mamonde Brightening Cover Watery Cushion Foundation. With a range of six shades to choose from, the line stands out from the crowd.

Cushion compacts are known for providing buildable coverage, their ease of application and for giving skin a natural, glowing finish. So of course I always wanted to try one, but for a long time I struggled to find one that matched my skin tone.
Cushions predominantly only come in one or two shades – typically 21 and 23 – that work best for those with fair to light skin. This is because they have traditionally been created and sold domestically to a Korean audience, though even Korean consumers have struggled with the limited shade ranges, especially if they are darker than a 23 or a “natural beige”. My skin tone is what I describe as a Fenty Beauty 345 (a reference to a shade from Rihanna’s expansive foundation line under Fenty Beauty), tan with warm olive undertones. 
But now that K-beauty has become popular outside of Korea, brands are finally starting to expand their shade ranges.
The Mamonde Brightening Cover Watery Cushion Foundation SPF 50, which comes in six shades, is the first cushion I have tried that worked for me and I am now 100% hooked on the product. I use shade 35 or “Cinnamon” and find that it blends in seamlessly with my skin tone. And there are so many other things that I love about this product too.
The coverage is light but not as dewy or sheer as you might think – I find it helps to even out my skin tone nicely. I even layer it on areas with dark marks and red breakouts and find that the product layers without looking cakey and does a pretty good job of covering these trouble areas. It gives you a “your skin but better look.”
I like to keep it in my bag and if there are days that I run out of the house with nothing on my face, I love that I can quickly apply it during my commute.

Bottom Line

As someone who likes to have a minimal beauty routine (read: lazy) this product ticks all the boxes for me regarding ease of application and the final look on the skin. The brand Mamonde is known for having products that revolve around flower themes and this product has some narcissus bulb extract in the formula for hydrating benefits. I really enjoy the scent of the product (a pleasant powdery floral) I love how it’s simplified my morning routine, and I especially love that it comes in my shade! 

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