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Call of Beauty: The Snail Cream That Men in South Korea’s Military Can’t Get Enough Of

In Korea, it’s not just women that are obsessed with beauty products. Korea is the fastest growing men’s beauty market. You can find a ‘Grooming Zone’ in every H&B store (like Western drugstores) you walk into that offers a selection of various items including sunscreen, color base, all-in-one skin care lotions, hair wax, and even brow products – just for men.
It’s anticipated that the Korean male cosmetics market will grow exponentially in 2020. This year, even Chanel got in on the trend with a men’s make up line available in Korea: Boy de Chanel
But back to skin care. You might be surprised to learn that one group of men who take skin care seriously are those in the South Korean military.
During their 20 months of mandatory service, young men are exposed to harsh conditions, repetitive training, intense sun exposure, and extreme cold and dry weather. To combat the effects on their skin, they apply high-SPF sunscreens, wash their faces with foam cleansers, and hydrate their skin with snail cream-infused products. Some brands, like Tony Moly and Innisfree, even make products designed for military use like this Extreme Power Camo Cream with SPF 50

“When I was a company commander, half of my force were from the Korean military, and I can say with confidence that Korean men have a very advanced knowledge of skin care and practiced it even when we were in the field,” says Soko Glam co-founder and U.S. military veteran Dave Cho, who was stationed in South Korea during his service.
At the post exchange, a commissary where soldiers can buy goods tax free and at discounted prices, there is a large skin care section (see photos above). You can buy products like a facial cream for less than $10, and toner for $5 – what a bargain!
Any products with snail cream always fly off the shelves and Dewytree’s Ultra Vitalizing Snail Cream has been the most popular for years. 
The cream, which contains snail secretion filtrate and shea butter is deeply moisturizing and nourishing and also offers firming benefits, so it’s no wonder that soldiers with dry and irritated skin can’t get enough of it. 
As these soldiers began gifting their family and significant others with the lightweight, yet hydrating formula when visiting them on leave, the popularity of the cream, along with other products in Dewytree’s Ultra Vitalizing line, became more widespread. 
Curious? Click here to learn more about the best-selling line and where you can find the products for yourself – and the men in your life!

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