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Why You Need to Consider Adding Emulsions To Your Skin Care Regimen

Emulsions, lightweight renditions of moisturizers, help to seal in all the moisture from your skin care products while boosting the overall moisture levels of your skin. Here, one Klog writer describes why she recommends everyone should have an emulsion in their daily skin care routine. 

I wasn’t always an emulsion user and, in fact, wasn’t sure what purpose they served. After seeing others incorporate it into their regimen, though — such as Charlotte Cho — I decide to give this skin care product a try. Here’s why I can’t live without emulsions and why you might want to give them a try.

I’ll admit that the first time I heard about emulsions I had literally no idea what they were for. I had noticed a few K-beauty brands carrying them, but I figured it was probably just another kind of essence or toner and I already had enough of those. When I learned that Soko Glam co-founder, Charlotte Cho, actually incorporates an emulsion in her skin care routine in an effort to keep her hormonal acne in check, I realized that maybe there was more to this trendy formula.

If you haven’t heard of emulsions before, let me break it down for you. First off, let me just point out that if you’re confused about what this skin care product is you aren’t the only one. Emulsions are definitely one of those K-beauty products that nobody really seems to know how to clearly explain. But as insignificant as some folks — obviously, those who aren’t in the know — might think emulsion is, it’s actually an important skin care staple in Korea.

What is an Emulsion Exactly?                                                                                   

To put it simply, emulsions are essentially light-weight versions of moisturizing face creams. Think moisturizer but slightly more water-like in consistency. They tend to be water-based, are lighter in weight, and tend to work for all skin types — especially oily, combination, and sensitive skin.

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Why I Swear by Emulsions

I highly recommend using an emulsion if you have sensitive or acne-prone skin because they also help soothe the skin. Emulsions are literally my rosacea skin hero since moisture is key to calming any kind of redness or irritation that’s often associated with rosacea or acne. Earlier this year, I really started to witness the skin soothing benefits of emulsion and have noticed a major difference in my rosacea.

Emulsions are typically used in between your serum and your moisturizer because it helps to lock in the moisture of your skin care products. I cleanse my face, then apply rose hip oil, and then follow with an emulsion before applying a moisturizer with SPF 40. It helps to really lock in the moisture from my face oil, keeping my skin smooth, calm, and hydrated for hours. I swear it really gives me that whole “glass skin” appearance.

The Case for Adding Emulsion to YOUR Regimen

For many of us, the many K-beauty skin care steps can seem overwhelming. In some cases, all these steps may even seem unnecessary. However, emulsions are a good thing to add to your routine because they help the other products you’re using absorb more easily and really reap their benefits.

While some emulsions recommend applying before your serum, most suggest applying right after your serum or face oil. It’s the step right before your main moisturizer and sunscreen. It’s great even for dry skin types because it leaves your complexion a lot more supple and hydrated. Though it’s not as necessary as, let’s say, serum or face oil, it definitely can work as a great booster.

Emulsion Products Worth Checking Out

Here are a few worth checking out!

Dr. Oracle A-Thera Emulsion  — I’ve become obsessed with this formula because it’s made such a drastic difference in my skin. What a lot of folks don’t realize is that oily, acne-prone, irritated, and sensitive skin desperately needs hydration. Long story short: moisture prevents the skin from going into overdrive and producing more excess oil. For sensitive skin like mine, it actually helps to sooth and calm the skin. I like this particular emulsion because it’s formulated with bamboo extract, which works to hydrate my skin, soothes, and reduces inflammation while balancing out my oils. I haven’t had a breakout in months and my rosacea has been relatively calm these days, even on brutally cold days in NYC. Also, don’t let the price turn you off. This bottle will last you longer than you realize and a little goes a very long way.

Dewytree Ultra Vitalizing Snail Emulsion  — There’s a reason why K-beauty products with snail secretions are so popular. It’s because they’re light-weight, fast-absorbing, and instantly smooth and repair dry areas of the skin. This formula not only includes snail secretion but also hyaluronic acid and shea butter, which works to instantly hydrate thirsty skin without clogging pores. This is a great option for dry skin types.

Soon Jung 10-Free Moist Emulsion  — This light-weight moisturizer is especially great for anyone with mature skin. It includes squalene to help bring back skin elasticity and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while madecassoside — derived from centella asiatica (cica) — works to sooth, calm, and repair sensitive skin and damage.

Bottom line

The truth is, emulsions have made a major difference in the condition of my skin. I wish I had known about them ages ago; my skin would have appreciated it. My skin today is significantly more moisturized, it’s clear — I have not had a hormonal breakout since November — and my rosacea has improved tremendously. I’ve already had quite a few people compliment my skin this year and mention how dewy and supple it seems to be appearing lately.

I apply it just in the mornings in between my face oil and sunscreen moisturizer and that has resulted in enough of a change in my skin. (It can also easily be incorporated into an evening skin care routine!) If you’re looking for a lightweight product to just add a bit more moisture to your skin, you definitely want to give emulsions a shot.

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