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K-Beauty Multitaskers

The K-Beauty Multitaskers You Need to Try

Just because we invest in a 10-step skincare routine doesn’t mean we are not on the hunt for products that multitask almost as well as we do. Actually, the K-beauty philosophy is all about finding hard-working products that go above and beyond their job descriptions. Meet the K-beauty cosmetics that can either cut down on your PM skincare routine or give you that instant makeover minutes before an important work meeting.

Son & Park Beauty Water
Okay, big duh here, but if you haven’t gotten on the Beauty Water train at this point, let me remind you of what you’re missing. This stuff is the do-it-all of cleansing water/toning/skin-perfecting magic potions. I mean, it’s called Beauty Water—would you expect anything less? This stuff works as a cleansing water if you prefer removing your makeup with a cotton pad as opposed to an oil cleanser. It’s also great to fix little makeup mistakes without melting the rest of your masterpiece. It’s also an excellent toner to balance pH and sweep away residue after your double-cleansing routine. The formula has willow bark extract for gentle exfoliation so after time, it even has skin-brightening and smoothing effects. This stuff is seriously MVP material, guys.

IPKN Flash Radiant Primer
I’m not generally a primer person for the reason that I don’t prefer that matte silicone-looking texture that lots of primers leave—sure, it’s their job, I get it. I was skeptical of this one at first but after trying it, I love it so much. It feels more like a lightweight moisturizer than a primer and leaves a satin finish with the teeniest touch of luminescent effect so any dullness or minor imperfections are auto-enhanced like a Photoshop feature. I like that there isn’t a tint to it and that it has SPF 15! But since it’s made to wear well under makeup, I don’t forego my usual sunscreen and top it sometimes with cushion compact with SPF PA 50++ so my face is well protected.

Re:P Nutrinature All-In-One Multitem
For those of you who think following six to ten skincare steps is a total exaggeration, here’s just about three steps in one. This all-in-one Multitem (see, it even says so in the name) serves as a toner, essence, and emulsion, pretty much cutting out the middleman. It balances pH, evens skin tone and texture with niacinamide, it works to strengthen your skin’s barrier by promoting elasticity and moisturizes with rosehips, lotus seed, avocado and olive extracts (all powerful antioxidants, btw). Plus, it’s a vegan and cruelty-free product so basically it’s like the ultimate boyfriend material of skincare products—we like to think of Re:P’s Multitem as the Ryan Gosling of skincare.

Missha Time Revolution One Step Foaming Oil-Gel Cleanser
I love a double-cleanse but I do not sometimes love the time it takes to actually double-cleanse. Also traveling with two facial cleansers can be a pain. This literally solves that very finicky issue in one tube. You use it starting out on dry skin, like any oil-based cleanser, and really rub it into makeup to loosen all that off. Then,you add a splash of water to make it into a foam that magically rinses totally clean, so you don’t have that slightly oily residue at all (but not in a drying tight way). The foam is super gentle and soft so it feels nice to luxuriate in that lather for a bit before the rinse. It’s an express double-cleanse!
K-Beauty Multitaskers

Erborian Perfect Morning BB Mask
Masking is one of those things you have to consciously set aside time for. And sometimes you forget… a lot. So your skin doesn’t reap the benefits of a face mask because that would require actually using one. Great that this Morning BB Mask is basically your cleanser that has mask-like capabilities. It comes in little packets of what looks like matcha powder that foam with a bit of water. Just wet your face, add some powder to get it to a creamy lather and rub on your skin to let marinate for just a minute and rinse. See, painless! My skin always feels super smooth after rinsing (cold water, natch).

Too Cool For School Dinoplatz La Ola 4-in-1 Makeup Kit
This is the Swiss Army Knife of makeup compacts. Just looks how many cool features it has! It’s got everything you could need for a low-key glowy complexion. There’s foundation (with SPF PA 50++!), eye brightener/highlighter, concealer, lip and cheek color. Sadly it only comes in two shades of light and medium—if you’re out there TCFS, pleaaase make deeper shades of this!

Chosungah 22 C&T Blend Luminous Liquid Foundation
Speaking of nicely complected faces, this foundation/highlighter pick-your-own-adventure type of makeup product is pretty genius, but also fun to use. You can dial this pump to squirt out just foundation, just highlighter, or both so you can swirl them together and create a glowy complexion. Whoever thought of developing this genius foundation soft-serve machine… I applaud you, Chosungah 22.

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