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Six Important Practices and Lessons I Learned From Embracing K-Beauty

From double cleansing to using a moisturizer on oily skin, these are the K-beauty practices one writer adopted that improved her skin.

I got into skin care early in the game. My mom was buying me Clinique products when I was only a teenager and the occasional trip to the derm really helped me to develop a simple routine. I’d use a gentle cleanser like Cetaphil morning and night. I’d follow with a toner, then a moisturizer, and of course, I couldn’t skip out on my sun protection. I kept up with a similar routine until I started interning in the beauty departments at magazines where I was exposed to anti-aging creams, serums, night creams, overnight masks, eye creams – you name it. But it wasn’t until I got introduced to K-Beauty that I really understood what really worked for my skin. 

Korean beauty didn’t just help me find the right products for my skin type (combination) but it also taught me that having a dedicated skin routine isn’t just about getting your skin to look its best, it’s also an opportunity for self-care. Here are a few other things I have K-Beauty to thank for!

Double cleansing changed my life – or at least my skin.

Before I started double cleansing, I was washing my face with either gentle cleanser or jelly cleansers but didn’t realize I wasn’t actually thoroughly washing my face, especially if I had on makeup that day. Instead, what I was doing was really just getting at the surface while also stripping my skin of its natural oils. Most cleansers – even the gentle ones – were leaving my skin somewhat dry. Double cleansing with a gentle and moisturizing oil cleanser followed by a gentle foam cleanser was not only leaving my skin clean, but it was nourishing, hydrating and calming my skin too. It was worth the second step!

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Makeup remover wipes are practically a scam.

For years I was removing my makeup with makeup removing wipes and then following with a gentle cleanser but K-beauty taught me it was far from enough. You’ll basically never catch me with makeup remover wipes now unless it’s at the gym or on a plane and even then I’ll probably still have an actual oil cleanser or even a cleansing toner on me just in case!

I recommend Hanskin Pore Cleansing Oil series.  It not only removes makeup and impurities but also hydrates with maple extract and gently exfoliates with natural pumpkin and papaya enzymes.

Moisture is key regardless of your skin type.

I used to think that because I occasionally struggle with hormonal acne and because my combination skin can lean towards the oily side, that too much moisture would just lead to more breakouts. K-beauty taught me that I was very wrong. In fact, moisture has become my friend and leaves my skin more clear, calm, and way less irritated. The key is finding a moisturizer that’s not going to clog your pores. I usually layer on a natural oil, followed by a lightweight emulsion, and then an oil-free moisturizer with SPF. This  simple routine gave me that glass skin look. 

Emulsion is a game changer.

I had no idea what an emulsion even was before Soko Glam co-founder Charlotte Cho introduced me to it and I’m so glad she did. The Dr. Oracle Emulsion is specifically designed with oily skin it mind, as it hydrates to prevent pores from clogging and over producing sebum. This lightweight formula is made with bamboo extract that works to hydrate, balance and sooth my skin from any kind of breakout or irritation. I’m obsessed!

Honey is your friend.

I learned about the power of honey when it comes to skin care after experiencing a facial gone wrong that left my skin incredibly inflamed and full of red bumps. After hours of searching for remedies on the internet I came across the magical powers of honey for skin calming, hydrating, and brightening and have since included it in my skin care routine. When I’m not in the mood to grab the raw organic Manuka honey from my kitchen cabinet, I opt for the Beauty of Joseon Glow Serum

My skin care routine is my self-care time.

I never realized how good my skin care routine is for my mental health before K-beauty. It literally helps me to wind down, reflect, and make time for me even if it’s just a few minutes in the day. It’s also less vain than you’d think. I spend more time appreciating and honoring my skin than criticizing it. It’s a moment of self-care, self-love and self-appreciation for me. 

+What have you learned from K-Beauty? Let us know below!

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