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Contour Your Nose Without Going Overboard

Say you want that pre-filtered, perfectly posed, ready-for-my-selfie look that all the girls on Instagram have. But say also you aren’t about to make full-face contouring a daily habit. Here’s the thing that will bridge the gap: nose contouring.
It’s simple, but it can be tricky too. Done right, it makes a big difference without going overboard. Done wrong, it makes you look like you’ve been playing in the dirt. Achieving a believable nose contour takes a light hand and some strategic highlighting. Need visuals? I got you.
Behold: my natural nose in all its glory.
Truthfully, I don’t contour my nose on the regular. But whenever I’m using a matte foundation I find that skin can look a little lackluster without that natural shine and shadow. Nose contouring brings back that dimension.
I’ve tried countless contour powders, but the one I come back to all the time is Urban Decay’s Buck, which is actually an eyeshadow—the ideal taupe-y brown beige. It’s one of the few I’ve found that can cast a believable shadow on my light-to-medium skin tone.
Apply a small amount of product down the sides of your nose. I’m using the Kevyn Aucoin brush #14.
Blending is key when if you want a natural-looking result. Just try not to bring the shadow to the centre of the nose—that’s when things start to look muddy.
Dot highlighter down the bridge of your nose. I’m using Son & Park’s highlighting cube.
Blend lightly with your ring finger, concentrating on the only the center of the nose bridge.
My favorite trick: dabbing a little of Tony Moly’s Crystal Tear Glitter Eyeliner on the tip of the nose.
It keeps things youthful and fresh, adding that extra touch of dimension without veering into trompe l’oeil territory.
Blend again with your fluffy brush.
Ta-da! Easy enough right?
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