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How YouTuber Hana Lee Kicked Her Acne to the Curb and What She Learned on Her Journey to Clear Skin

We asked YouTuber Hana Lee to tell us about how she cleared up her acne, how she maintains her complexion now, plus her favorite K-beauty products. Read on below!

YouTube vlogger Hana Lee’s Instagram feed is filled with glowing-faced selfies that are the definition of #skingoals. Achieving her clear, radiant complexion, however, was a journey.
In 2017, Hana developed acne all over her face seemingly overnight. “I’m not sure even today what caused it,” she told us. “Before I had acne I had close to perfect skin.”
Getting her skin back on track required a lot of trial and error and emotional strength, all of which she candidly chronicled with her 166K followers on YouTube. Here, she shares what she learned along the way.
It’s a marathon not a sprint.
I would give products one to two months before deciding if I thought they were helpful or not for my skin. I learned what my skin type and skin concerns were along the journey.
For a while I thought just a regular cleanser was enough to take off makeup…oh man IT IS NOT. When I found the Neogen Real Fresh Green Tea Foam Cleanser and the Enature Moringa Cleansing Balm I found my cleansing routine! They are so gentle on my skin and double cleansing really helped reduce my acne.

I then invested in an AHA/BHA from Drunk Elephant for exfoliation after doing some research. I kept getting small bumps especially on my forehead and I found that once I started exfoliating my skin the bumps started going away. I was scared of exfoliating because people said not to do it too much, but turns out I wasn’t doing it enough!

Right now I maintain my skin by double cleansing,  using AHA/BHA, and then moisturizer. I am using Curology a little less now, but I will say it was a huge help to my skin and a big part of getting rid of my acne. I do hydrating masks and treatments like that once a week – I think it really helps. In the morning, I keep the routine simple: Cleanse, moisturize then sunscreen. Sunscreen helps with my pigmentation.”

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Talking to a skin care specialist can help.

“I used Curology which really, really helped clear up my acne. I talked to a medical provider through Curology. It was very helpful because she explained what ingredients would work well and why. This way I could recognize some ingredients on other products as well and understand what they do.”

Look to others for advice and ideas, but remember that everyone’s skin is different.
“I watched a lot of skin care routine videos on YouTube during my journey. If you’re doing this now, I think it’s great because it means you’re serious about taking control of your skin. However, just know that everyone’s skin is different so a lot of these routines, including mine, may not work for you. Do not get too down about it though! I remember just getting so so frustrated thinking, ‘how come it worked for them and not me?’ It’s just because everyone is so unique so you have to try to find what works for you.”
It’s ok to get frustrated, but don’t give up.
I was pretty harsh on people who had acne and weren’t confident. I thought, ‘everyone gets pimples why are they so upset over something like that?’ Oh man did the universe teach me. 

I know there’s a lot of people out there preaching about being positive and being confident in your acne, which is much easier said that done. It’s okay to be upset and to feel sad about your skin. Try not to let it overwhelm you. Acknowledge it and push through. 

Remember you have such good people in your life who enjoy you for YOU and don’t care about your face. Also, please keep trying because the next thing could be THE thing. You don’t have to feel your best right now. That’s okay, but don’t give up.”

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