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The Hairstyle That Is Trending in Korea Now

It seems like every six months I’m itching to switch out my hair color, style and texture because I’m completely bored of my current look. This trip to Seoul, I was in the same predicament so I decided to get some hair inspiration by visiting Jenny House Cheongdam Hill, a premiere hair and makeup salon in one of the ritziest parts of Seoul that caters to over 200 celebrity clientele.

While I was there, I was surprised to hear from Jenny House’s Director Jung Myung Shim that Korean women are not coming to the salon armed with a photo of a celebrity and asking for a similar look, like they used to do. “Now, Korean women are focused on achieving a length and color that is complementary to their face shape and skin tone,” explained Shim.

Ok, so now that length and color is really up to you, what’s a popular look that is trending amongst Korean celebrities? Well, I am excited to report that wispy bangs (a.k.a. see-through bangs), the momentary trend from 2015, are coming back for the colder season in Korea!

Dazed Korea November 2016

Told ya: See-through bangs on the cover of the next issue of Dazed Korea

Dazed Korea November 2016

More from Dazed Korea: The main editorial from their November 2016 edition featuring wispy bangs!

See-through bangs are interesting because they are not bluntly cut and don’t cover your entire forehead. Also, the length of the bang ends right at the start of your nose or right below your eye. The main reason why Koreans are so in love with this hairstyle and bringing it back again is that, because they’re so wispy, they can really blend in easily with the sides of your hair if you brush or sweep it in that direction—the video below is here to prove that! Plus, the great thing about this look is the fact that they’re actually very complementary for any face shape!

But be warned, they’re not the most comfortable hairstyle. “Just keep in mind that sometimes it may be bothersome to have strands of hair blocking your line of vision,” says Shim.

+ What do you think? Would you want to try “see-through bangs?” Does anyone have experience with this hair style? Share with us in the comments below!

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