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neogen bio peel

These Exfoliating Pads Will Save You From Cakey Foundation

You already know that the Neogen Bio Peel Gauze Peeling Lemon is a savior when it comes to buffing away fine lines and reducing the appearance of dark spots, but let me show you a little trick this product has up its sleeve: ensuring your foundation goes on smooth without any dry flakes.

Confession: My skin is constantly so dry that sometimes I just skip foundation all together. Even when I prime my skin with oils and moisturizers and my foundation glides on smoothly when I first put it on, by midday I’m as flaky as a croissant. And since I’m not the most well-versed person in makeup, I’ve kind of just given up on putting on foundation and I just dab on concealer every now and then. But with my heavy pigmentation, I really don’t want to skip foundation. Deep down, I want to know how I can apply foundation on my super dry skin without midday flakes popping up and ruining my day.
Spoiler alert: I’ve found the solution and it’s super simple! You just need to exfoliate before you put on your foundation. I know what you’re thinking…I can’t exfoliate every day; I have really sensitive skin. Well, so do I! And I’ve discovered that the Neogen Bio Peel Gauze Peeling Lemon pads are the perfect daily exfoliators for pre-makeup application on sensitive skin because they won’t mess it up and make it angry.
Why are the Neogen Bio Peel Gauze Peeling Lemon pads great for daily exfoliation?
I love these pads because they are super gentle yet provide really great exfoliation. I have skin that can get red and inflamed very easily so I really can’t use physical exfoliators that much. However, I know that physical exfoliation is important to create super smooth skin so I needed to find a product that would offer the best chemical exfoliation ever.
These Neogen pads are a winner because not only do they provide superb chemical exfoliation—with lactic acid, glycolic acid, and lemon, orange, and papaya extracts—but the special texture of the pad allows for the most delicate physical exfoliation to take place as you swipe it across your face.
The pad is equipped with a small criss-cross texture that really works to pick up any excess sebum, dead skin cells, and dirt that’s trapped in your pores and making your skin bumpy:
neogen bio peel
I gently swipe this pad all over my face in small circular motions and I’m left with silky smooth skin that has less blackheads and actually feels hydrated and ready to absorb my moisturizer and/or primer.
Why exfoliating pads prevent cakey foundation:
For this, I reached out to professional makeup artist, Ashleigh Ciucci. “Exfoliator pads remove dead skin cells from the surface of the skin, so when you hydrate, the moisturizer gets to all the healthy skin cells as opposed to getting trapped on the sad dead ones,” she says. “This leaves the skin fresh and prepped for foundation application.” In short, exfoliation makes your skin smoother, which allows foundation to adhere and blend better.
“Also, these Neogen pads are treatment pads, so with daily use over time, your complexion will be brighter and more even so you can use less foundation or choose a lighter one,” says Ciucci.
The proof:
I decided to put the pads to the test. First, I simply applied my foundation (I use the Lancome Teint Idole Ultra Makeup Stick) over my regularly moisturized skin without exfoliating. It took longer to blend in and—if you look really closely—you can see the dry flakes that immediately popped up and how the foundation doesn’t look fully blended in (I did this in the afternoon so my skin was already dryer than normal):
neogen bio peel
Next, I removed my makeup, applied the Neogen Bio Peel Gauze Peeling Lemon, then some moisturizer, and swiped on my foundation stick. It glided on so much easier, blended faster, and looked—dare I say—dewy:
neogen bio peel
It’s hard to tell the serious difference in photos, but trust me, in real life exfoliating with these Neogen Bio Peel Gauze Peeling Lemon pads every morning makes life so much better and easier. My foundation actually stays on, stays smooth, and doesn’t start to pill and become flaky by 3pm. It’s truly a game-changing product for those with dry skin who yearn to have glowy foundation all day long.

+ What are you best tips for keeping foundation flake free all day long? Let us know in the comments!

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