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Elensilia CPP Collagen 80% Intensive Eye Cream

My Mom Is on Her Second Tube of This Anti-Aging Eye Cream and Now I’m Hooked on it Too

Whether you’re in your late twenties or your mid-sixties, the Elensilia CPP Collagen 80% Intensive Eye Cream is the perfect do-it-all eye cream. My mom and I can attest.

Throughout my twenties I’ve used a revolving door of hydrating eye creams, never quite finding one that really stands out from the pack in terms of results and overall user experience. Of course, when you’ve yet to sprout a wrinkle and can function off of little sleep, you don’t exactly need an eye cream to perform miracles.
But alas I’m turning 30 this year and the fine lines that have been slowly developing around my eyes won’t let me forget it, which means it’s finally time to start stepping up my eye cream game. Who better to take cues from than my own mother Linda (pictured below), who, in her mid-sixties, has managed to stave off deep eye wrinkles with the help of effective anti-aging products (okay, and genetics too).
One of those products is the Elensilia CPP Collagen 80% Intensive Eye Cream and ever since she started using it earlier this year, she hasn’t stopped raving about it.
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Elensilia CPP Collagen 80% Intensive Eye Cream
“The eye area looks smooth as soon as I apply this eye cream and my concealer does not cake up when applied on top. Also the eye cream helps dark circles to look brighter,” she told me. As for long-term results, she feels that the wrinkles around and under her eyes have noticeably diminished since using the formula.
Aside from the results, she’s a big fan of the texture. “The cream is so emollient that I can pat it on the delicate eye area and I am not pulling on my skin; it glides on so smoothly,” she said. “With other eye creams, I was  pulling the skin as I tried to pat it on.”
To top it off, the eye cream is not only super affordable (it’s $20), but a little goes a long way – my mom has only just cracked open her second tube of 2019.
So what’s in the mom-approved tube? Most notably, the formula contains 80% collagen extract. Unfortunately applying collagen topically won’t increase the production of collagen in your skin – a process that slows down as we age, thus causing wrinkles to form. But! It does help smooth out fine lines and wrinkles to make them look less prominent and is super moisturizing, which also helps prevent wrinkles.
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The formula also contains two types of peptides that together protect against collagen degradation, reduce puffiness, and brighten dark circles. Then there’s some anti-inflammatory gold sprinkled in there too.
I’ve now been using the eye cream for two months, and so far, it’s living up to my mom’s hype. My eye area looks less 29-going-on-30 and more 28-going-on-29, plus my hereditary dark circles require less concealer to brighten up.
One major pro for me is that the formula is lightweight and fast-absorbing, so it hasn’t caused any milia or rashes under my eyes, both of which I’m prone to with eye creams.
I guess the moral of the story is, mothers really do know best!

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