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We Tested a Pore-Extracting Device to Get Rid of Blackheads and You’re Going to Want to Try It Too

The Dermapore is a new device that’s designed to safely and efficiently extract blackheads and clean pores. It’s been used by celebrity makeup artists on A-list clients like Awkwafina and Mandy Moore. But what you really want to know is, does it work? Read on for our review.

There are few things as satisfying as extracting blackheads and gunk from pores – at least in relation to skin. There are also few habits as damaging to skin.
Thankfully there’s a new-ish device in town that allows you to indulge your guilty pleasure of unclogging pores, but in a safe, healthy way. Meet the Dermapore, an ultrasonic tool from the creator of the Dermaflash.
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The device ($99.95) features a spatula-shaped head that emits ultrasonic vibrations and gently pushes dirt, oil, and impurities out of pores as you glide it over your skin. There’s also an “Infuse Mode” that can be used over serum or moisturizer to enhance penetration and boost the effects.
As tools like this can sometimes prove too good to be true, we asked Katherine, a Soko Glam staffer who has been looking for a solution for enlarged and congested pores to give the Dermapore a whirl. Here’s what she thought. 

Katherine’s Skin Concerns

I have oily/combination skin and have always dealt with enlarged pores and blackheads, particularly on my nose. I also have this one patch of oily skin on my left cheek (But not my right? Go figure.) that seems to be a hotbed of dormant pimples and uneven texture that surface at random. I get regular facials and while my aesthetician makes sure to diligently extract my blackheads once a month, my joy is short-lived as my crater-like pores tend to fill up again the next day.

Her First Impressions

I was so excited to try the Dermapore, particularly for the pore-cleaning setting (it has a multi-use head, one side to clean pores and another to help infuse serum deeper into the skin). I had used skin-tech tools before, but the first thing I noticed about the Dermapore was how light and small it was (super easy to store) with its own charging station (not overly messy cables).
I add a little bit of water to my face prior to running it over my skin (on the pore cleaning setting). During my first use I was SHOCKED by how much gunk came out of my pores (visible dead skin built up on the tip of the metal tip), and this was after double cleansing! It definitely made me realize I need something like this to deep clean. The sensation is a light vibration – much gentler than any high frequency you might encounter at the spa. For best results, I keep adding water to my skin throughout the process.

Her Results

I used regularly over a three week period (every two days or so), and noticed by the end that while my blackheads hadn’t completely disappeared, there were definitely fewer and my pores appeared cleaner and smaller overall.
I was less enthusiastic about the infusion setting initially (which is meant to help products like serums and moisturizers penetrate deeper in the skin). However, ater trying it out in conjunction with my night time routine, I found that my skin did indeed appear glowier than when I typically apply my hyaluronic acid serum by hand. I’ll probably continue to use a few times a week when I have extra time for a self care night.

A Few More Tips

To preserve the health of your skin and prevent any damage and irritation, use the extraction mode no more than three days a week and don’t apply too much pressure on skin during use.

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