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Do It Better: How to Cover Dark Circles With Concealer

Welcome to Do It Better. While we love all things skin care here at The Klog, we also adore makeup. In this new weekly series, we’ll break down the most popular makeup techniques, how you can execute them better, as well as the best products for achieving your perfect look. This week, we’re walking you through how to cover dark circles with concealer.

There are some people who love Daylight Savings Time; more daylight, the promise that spring really is en route (no matter how wishy-washy the weather has decided to be about it). For most of us, though, the words Spring Forward are synonymous with sleep loss. Sadly, we can’t do anything about your ongoing circadian confusion, but we can help you look like you’re managing the transition with grace (even if you’re really fighting a snooze button addiction.) Here’s how to cover dark circles with concealer amd banish any signs of sleep deprivation.
Step 1: Plump, not puff
“Crepe” and “puff” are great words for pastry, but definitely not ones you want associated with your eyes. Puffiness can be the product of a number of issues, like too much salt in your diet, allergies, and oh yeah, not getting enough sleep. Crepeing mostly comes from dehydration, thanks to the sparse scattering of oil glands in the skin around your eyes. Both are major contributing factors to Tired Eye Syndrome (a totally real scientific condition that we made up just now).
Luckily, you can combat them by starting your dark circle routine with a cooling, hydrating mask like the Manefit Beauty Planner Lily Brightening Eye Mask. Stick them on first thing in the morning and let them get the job done as you brew up that much needed cup of joe. By the time you’re properly caffeinated, all you’ll need is a tiny dot of light eye cream (we like the Erborian Seve de Bamboo Eye Matte) to keep that glow locked in all day and help prevent mid-day concealer lines.
Step 2: Color correct
The darkness we associate with dark circles is actually blood showing through the ultra-thin skin of your undereyes. Inflammation can worsen that bruise-like tinge when you don’t get enough sleep, are suffering from allergies or other eye sensitivities, or struggling with stress.
While you can’t fight your body’s natural responses (besides, you know, getting some more sleep, and maybe popping an antihistamine) you can sleight-of-hand that color away with a peach-toned concealer. The warm shade works some color-wheel magic when applied over the cool tint of your dark circles, cancelling them out. Opt for a thin formula in a light base layer, focusing on the spots you’re darkest (usually around the inner corner of the eyes) The goal here isn’t to get full coverage, just to neutralize the darkness.
Step 3: Conceal
Here’s how to cover dark circles with concealer the right way: Choose a product with a creamy consistency, like the Son & Park Custom Cover Concealer Kit which has three shades so you can mix your own perfect match. Apply gently (irritating your delicate eye-area skin will just make your circles stand out more) with a small sponge or brush, and blend the edges thoroughly.
For extra staying power, lightly dust the concealer with translucent powder; just make sure to test your concealer-powder combo first, since some powders can slightly alter the appearance of the pigments in your concealer. Still want to up the brightness ante? Try a teeny dab of highlighter (like the Son & Park Highlighter Cube) at the very inner corner of the eyes; it’s like an espresso shot for your face.

+ What are your secrets to wide-awake eyes? Sound off in the comments!

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