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Common Habits That Are Damaging Your Skin

The 7 Habits That Hurt Your Skin

While scientists are out to change the skin care world one bottle at a time, you probably still persist on keeping bad habits that end up damaging your skin. And we’re not talking about sleeping with your makeup on, not washing your makeup brushes and pillowcases often enough or popping pimples—the list goes way beyond that. Meet seven silent threats to a flawless, glowy face.

1. Washing Your Face In The Shower
We’ve been through the importance of cleansing your skin. Now the question is: Does it really matter where you’re doing it? And the answer is yes, it does. Washing your face in the shower at the same temperature and pressure as with what you wash your body can actually damage your skin, since these harsh conditions may not only strip your face of healthy oils and essential moisture, but lead to broken capillaries in your cheeks.

2. Using The Wrong Skin Care Products
Not everyone knows their skin type —I can tell that myself, I turned out to really finding out mine at the age of 30! Naturally, we often make the mistake of picking up products that don’t fit our needs or, even worse, end up aggravating skin conditions that should be taken care of. So if you’re not aware of your skin type or still have doubts about what you should use on your face, don’t think twice: schedule a skin consultation with a board-certified esthetician.

3. Applying Your Products Out Of Order
One of the key things when it comes to getting the most out of your skin care routine is applying your products in the right order, that is, from thin to thick consistency (so summing up: cleanser, toner, serum, and cream). Piling up multiple active ingredients and formulas out of order can block certain nutrients to penetrate your skin and even cause irritation.

4. Skipping Sunscreen During Colder Months
It’s not because you’re not feeling the burn anymore that you can skip your sunscreen during the fall and winter months. Actually, up to 80% of the sun’s rays can penetrate clouds and, even if you’re indoors, windows and fluorescent bulbs can let through UV rays that cause aging and, potentially, skin cancer. If you like to enjoy the winter in the mountains you have one more reason to stock up on sun protection, since UV radiation exposure increases an average of 5% with every 1,000 feet above sea level. Plus, snow reflects and intensifies sunlight. Outch!

5. Abusing On Makeup Remover Wipes
They are definitely a time saver and so, so convenient. But going for these guys too often ends up dehydrating and even irritating your skin. Instead, opt for a double-duty cleanser that removes makeup and dirt while nourishing your skin, like oil-based cleansers do.

6. Not Cleaning Your Phone Screen
We know you text much more than you actually talk on your phone, but still, it’s important to clean your screen often—just think about all the germs and bacteria your cell gathers throughout the day, ew! Cleansing wipes are the best and most convenient way to get things done here. Also, avoid touching your skin throughout the day, so you don’t bring all that dirt to your face.

7. Using The Same Washcloth Over And Over Again
These guys usually become heavily soiled during use and, since they also have a longer dry time, they end up sitting around all day breeding bacteria and mold. If washcloth is part of your routine, make sure you toss it in the laundry daily. Or try more hygienic alternatives such as gently tapping a paper towel on your face to absorb the excess of water—no rubbing, please!

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