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Too Cool For School Morroco Ghassoul Creamy Mousse Pack brighten, tighten, and minimize; oversize and oily pores with a clay mousse from Too Cool For School Morocco Ghassoul

The Clay Mask That Won’t Dry Out On You

If you thought all clay masks were the same, take a good hard look. This is a clay mousse. It’s the Too Cool For School Morroco Ghassoul Creamy Mousse Pack. It’s part of the brand’s Pore Solution line, which is all about brightening, tightening, and all-around minimizing oversize and oily pores. The formula contains a mix of kaolin, bentonite, and Moroccan lava clays, because there’s levels to this kind of clean. The best part is that the clay won’t harden and dry out on you before you’ve got a chance to use it all, the way masks can when they’re packaged in a tub. This one comes in what looks suspiciously like a shaving cream canister, and has that satisfying nozzle on top that bursts forth with foam at a half-second’s pressure.

And this mask does more than your typical heavy schmear of clay. You’re directed to smooth the mousse over your face and massage in for two minutes—there’s a bit of exfoliating action at work here, even with its whipped-smooth consistency. The mask dries over the course of the next ten minutes, deep-cleaning and sanding down your pores in one fell swoop (pro tip: lay it on nice and thick so it won’t dry out too quickly). You’ll get a nice slow cleansing facial that doesn’t strip skin or cause redness. And best of all, there’s no rush to use up the can—the clay is preserved and protected, ready whenever you’re feeling gross and gunky. Good to the last spurt.

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