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Charlotte is Elle Magazine’s December Skin Care Coach

I’m so excited to report that I was picked as Elle Magazine’s Skin Care Coach of the Month. Starting today, my column will be appearing on with different skin care tips and advice every week. Here’s a list of what I have lined up for you so you don’t miss a beat:

December 7: Facial Oasis
Your skin is your largest and most exposed organ. Learn how to combat even the driest winter woes with these deep-hydration techniques.
December 14: Proven Innocent
Cho’s need-to-know info busts myths about skin-care ingredients, so you know once and for all what you’re really putting on your face.
December 21: The Rejuvenator
Kick the December doldrums with a visit to a Korean spa. Cho lays out what to expect and the treatments you shouldn’t pass up.
December 28: Bonus Round
After three weeks of priming the canvas, supercharge your glowing skin with his lowdown of Korean makeup innovations.


So I won’t be able to cover every skin tip ever obviously—but if you have a pressing skin care question, leave it in the comments here or reach out to us on Twitter @sokoglam and we’ll give you the advice and product recommendations you will need for your best glowing complexion all winter long!

xx charlotte

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