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CBD facial review

I Got a CBD Facial and My Skin Won’t Stop Glowing

Spas are getting on board with the CBD trend, offering facials centered around the buzzy ingredient. Should you get one? Here, the editor of The Klog shares her experience.

Now that the holidays are over, many of us are getting back to the gym, back to work, and back into our normal routines. I wanted to get my skin back on track too, so I decided to book a CBD Mask Facial at Skinney Medspa + Wellness‘ new flagship in New York City and let me tell you, it was a great idea.

I’ve been a fan of CBD skin care ever since I tested a CBD face oil from the brand June last year. I’m always skeptical of buzzy ingredients that are touted to have miraculous benefits, but when I noticed a reduction in redness and breakouts shortly after incorporating the oil into my routine, I was hooked.

Naturally when I found out that I could get slathered in CBD during a facial – Skinney Medspa has partnered with CBD beauty brands to enhance their classic facial – I jumped at the opportunity.

As a refresher, CBD oil has a range of benefits making it great for addressing a variety of concerns. Perhaps the most obvious benefit is that it’s anti-inflammatory. I have fair skin that shows redness easily so I find CBD helpful in evening my tone. Josie, my esthetician at Skinney Medspa, told me that she likes to use it to heal her eczema flare-ups.

Studies have also shown that CBD oil can help reduce sebum production and in turn, breakouts. Yet another benefit is that the ingredient is rich in terpenes, a source of natural antioxidants that can reduce signs of aging.

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CBD facial results

My CBD facial began with a gentle cleanser (Skinney Medspa Grean Tea Cleanser), a pumpkin enzyme scrub (Skinney Medspa Microdermabrasion In a Bottle) and a toner (Avene Gentle Toning Lotion) to prep my skin. My esthetician then used a high frequency device to stimulate my skin and make it more receptive to the targeted products that would follow.

Next came the CBD treatments. My esthetician applied the Luminous Mask from Mask Skincare, a brand that infuses its sheet masks with full spectrum CBD oil. In addition, the all plant-sourced formula contains aloe vera, coconut water and niacinamide. While my skin soaked in the refreshing essence, my esthetician added in some LED therapy to further rejuvenate my skin and boost the results of the sheet mask.

Application of a CBD serum (Vertly Face Serum), CBD lotion (La La Leaf Guayaquil Hemp Lotion for my décolletage area), and a buttery CBD lip balm (Vertly Lip Balm Stick) finished the treatment.

When I walked into the spa, my skin was dull, puffy, uneven, and on the verge of various breakouts. I left with the radiant glow of someone who hadn’t just spent a month indulging in champagne and Christmas cookies, traveling, and dealing with the stress of the holidays (see immediate post-facial photo above). Not to mention that my entire mood had shifted from run-down and anxious to calm and straight-up blissful.

Now, four days later my skin is still dewy, luminous, and even-toned. I’ve even been skipping or just lightly applying foundation.

CBD facials are only going to become more and more prevalent, so if you and your skin are in need of a chill pill, I definitely recommend seeking one out in your area.

Skinney Medspa’s CBD facial costs $250 and can be booked by calling the spa directly.

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