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Breasts? There’s a Sheet Mask For That

Name a body part and there’s likely already a sheet mask that’s cut, doused in moisturizing goo, and carefully folded into a foil packet available for purchase. Hands? Covered. Faces? Obviously covered. Chins? Yup. Feet? Of course! Breasts… oh yeah.

We’ve actually noticed an uptick in the amount of breast masks currently on the market, which naturally piqued our curiosity about product advertising claims and, most importantly, efficacy. To learn what, exactly, a breast sheet mask promises to do and if it could actually deliver on said promises, we consulted Dr. Gregory LaTrenta, a plastic and reconstructive surgeon from New York City.

What Breast Masks Won’t Do: Lift
No product you ever apply to your breasts will lift them. The only thing that can do that is, well, a breast lift surgery! Not even lasers will lift your breast, says Dr. LaTrenta.

“Masking is often used on the face for hydrating the skin quickly, but it is not a rejuvenative option for breasts, meaning that it will not lift sagging breasts, even if you wore the mask for a month,” Dr. LaTrenta explains. “Gravity is too powerful a force on your breasts to lift them with simple skin treatments such a moisturizer. Only surgery does the heavy work of lifting.”

What Breast Masks Kinda-Sorta Do: Firm
A similar claim to firming that breast masks make is that they’ll firm your breast tissue. While it’s possible that you’ll notice a temporary firming action, that slight firming only lasts as long as your next shower.

That’s because “firming” ingredients create a sort of “lattice” that, once dried, tighten around the skin. Once the ingredients are washed off, though, that subtle, temporary firming effect goes straight down the drain, too.

To be fair, sometimes a temporary lift is all you really want.

What Breast Masks Will Do: Moisturize
So we’re covered what breasts masks won’t do, let’s talk about the things they can accomplish. Number one: “they will rapidly moisturize the breasts,” says Dr. LaTrenta.  

Like sheet masks for your face and other body parts, which are primarily intended to deliver a major dose of moisture, sheet masks for your breasts are a great way to hydrate your delicate, prone-to-dryness breast tissue.

Naturally, breasts that are well-moisturized are softer to the touch and appear more plumped. No, you won’t be gaining any volume, but if you have fine lines, wrinkles, or crepe-y skin (common on the breast), then that moisturizing, plumping action can reduce their appearance.

Plus, A Bonus
Another thing that breast masks can do is help even pigmentation, so long as the ingredients actually promote that. If your goal is to reduce hyperpigmentation, look for products that contain tried-and-true ingredients such as AHAs, vitamin C, hydroquinone, and retinoids.

The bottom bosom line: there’s no harm in moisturizing and temporarily firming up your ladies, but do maintain reasonable expectations.

+ Tell us in the comments if you’re willing to try a breast sheet mask—or if you’ve done it already!

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