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Why RE:P Is an Exciting Cruelty-Free Korean Brand


You know those toning pads I posted on Instagram a few months ago during my last trip to Korea? Yup, those pads!

I’m excited to announce that the brand — and those toning pads — are officially coming to Soko Glam!

Say hello to RE:P!

Say the name like “repeat,” minus the “T.” 😉 It stands for “Real Elemental Practice.” Even the name is kind of poetic. When I think of “elemental,” I think about getting back to basics and I see this reflected in the brand’s philosophy. In some ways this is a luxury brand that has a minimalist approach: Products multitask, combining multiple steps of your skin care routine in a single product. But they go all out where it counts — namely the ingredients. They use natural ones and refuse to compromise their high quality. So many of you have expressed time and again that you value natural products, and RE:P delivers luxury ones!

Not to mention…

They’re passionate about being eco-friendly. All their products are cruelty-free, meaning they don’t test on animals. I’ve triple confirmed this with the brand and they have not tested their ingredients on any animal. Instead, they do clinical tests on people to make sure the product is as effective as they say it is.

Recycled paper packaging + soy ink – metal pieces = environmentally conscious packaging

Their metal-free packaging designs are genius. Pet peeve of mine: Product waste! (So frustrating. Who else is annoyed when you have to throw out perfectly good product just because you can’t reach it?) RE:P’s packaging minimizes this. Some of their products have formulas that are contained in plastic  bags inside pump-style bottles that make it possible to squeeze out every last drop of product.

Even their product box packaging is made with 100% recycled paper and the ink they use is made out of soy. Seriously environmentally-conscious brand makes me love!

What’s to come: Over the next few weeks, we’ll be rolling out my favorite RE:P products. Get ready for multi-use items (that have toner, essence, and moisturizing emulsion in one!), a new serum with a cool gel consistency, clay masks that exfoliate with real herbs, and more.

Current obsession: single-use pads for skin care. Excited for you to try these toning pads made out of organic cotton.

The first in the lineup? RE:P’s Organic Cotton Treatment Toning Pads. You might be saying, “Toner? In a pad? Weird!” But it’s not as strange as it sounds (especially if you’ve tried the ones in the Neogen Bio Peel Gauze Peeling Wine exfoliant). Actually, it’s part of what makes this toner so special: I’m OBSESSED with single-use pads for skin care. Read my in-depth review of these Organic Cotton Treatment Toning pads here on THE KLOG.

RE:P’s  light but moisturizing formulas make the products suitable for all skin types. If you’re a minimalist at heart and/or looking for environmentally conscious products, you’ll love RE:P. Check it out! Can’t wait to hear what you guys think.

What are your current obsessions? Share in the comments below!
xx charlotte

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