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How I Transformed My Dry, Blackhead-Prone Skin In 14 Days

Meet Kelly, a HR consultant based in New York, that has tried the Korean multi-step skincare routine for the very first time.

We’ve spent some time with Kelly, 27, a HR consultant who has never tried or even heard about the Korean skin care routine until a few weeks ago. Kelly describes her skin type as combination dry, with an oily t-zone and frequently deals with hormonal acne and blackheads. Kelly accepted the challenge of following the Korean skincare routine for two full weeks as part of Soko Glam’s new campaign, Only Good (Skin) Days Ahead. Read on to see her testimonial and learn her new beauty secrets!
The Klog: How was your skin care routine before starting this program?
I used cleansers that were really drying and then I tried to restore moisture using serums and moisturizers that were really heavy. I had an oil cleanser but I was terrified of it and thought it would add more oil to my face. I avoided using it and it just sat on my counter. I also used Dove soap on my face (don’t judge me!)
And what about your skin per se–what was your skin like?
Kelly: I had combination dry skin but an oily t-zone. I also dealt with hormonal acne and blackheads. It wasn’t very pretty.
What was something you learned while following the routine?
 I learned that my skin lacked a lot of moisture. I was in this cycle with my previous products of drying out my skin with harsh cleansers and then trying to regain that moisture with the heavy creams that filled up my pores. I think this attributed to my breakouts.
Was there a product that was hard to understand or a step you wanted to skip every now and then?
Essence was the hardest to understand because I’ve never used anything like it before. Since it’s so light, I wasn’t sure if it even was doing anything. However, now I see a difference. I think it’s the reason why my skin feels so much more balanced. My skin is more supple and it glows, which it never did before.
I wasn’t a big fan of the sleeping pack. When I applied it to my skin, it felt wet and I woke up feeling like my pores were full. Overall though, the products were way more gentle than my old routine.
What was your favorite part of the journey?
Kelly: Feeling like I took control of my skin was the most rewarding. I learned what products addressed my skin care needs and concern. I feel like I’m finally giving my skin what it needs.
How is your skin care routine now that you finished this 2-week “challenge?”
Kelly: I’ve stuck with the routine and haven’t gone back to using any of my old products. I would like to try a different foam cleanser just to try something new. I’d like to try something with green tea or tea tree. I’d also many want to add an eye cream because I’m concerned about fine lines.
What else has changed?
 I definitely don’t want to use as much makeup because I really like how my skin looks without it and I don’t want to clog my pores. My acne and acne scars clear up more rapidly than before as well. Also, since my skin is more balanced, my makeup goes on so much better. I’d apply foundation to my skin before and it would be scaling off.
Now that you’ve heard all the details of Kelly’s experience with the Korean skincare routine, read her mini reviews on all the products she used for the past two weeks!
Erborian Solid Cleansing Oil
Luxurious, thick and powerful. It’s really effective at breaking up makeup. It’s contributed to the hydration in my skin and making it balanced. 
Neogen Real Fresh Cleansing Foam Cereal
This cleanser is very gentle. It’s good for dry or dry combo skin. It makes my face feel very clean and fresh without drying it out.

Neogen Bio Peel Gauze Peeling Wine
This smells like grape juice! It made my skin soft, but I felt it was a bit sticky. Then I realized a little too late I was supposed to rinse my face after use! Oops!
Manefit Green Tea Pore Care Mask
I loved it! This mask made me want to try more green tea products. I’ve never tried hydrogel masks before, only the regular cloth sheet masks and I like the hydrogel much better. It helped calm down active breakouts I had.

Missha Time Revolution First Treatment Essence
I was confused about how to use it at first but I think it has contributed to the glow I see in my skin. When I think essence, I think glow.

Cosrx Acne Pimple Master Patch
Loved these. I was bragging about these when I went home for Christmas. I liked it because they aren’t very noticeable unless someone is looking at it directly. It got rid of breakouts within 12 hours. It reduces redness and pull out bacteria and infection. I’m almost out!

Skinmiso Pore Beauty Pack
It’s really mystifying how it draws out blackheads without using steam. It’s very effective at removing blackheads you can see and everything you can’t see. It was so easy to use with a comedo remover. Usually this process takes me an hour but using this, it took half the time.
Missha Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail Cream
This is super moisturizing but lightweight. It smells amazing and contributed to the glow. Everyone passed it around on Christmas and agreed it smelled so nice!

Lioele V-line Sleeping Pack
This was a little too moisturizing for me but I would give it another try.
NOTE: Participants were not paid by Soko Glam and their opinions of the products are their own. Products were provided by the company and selected based on skin type and skin concerns.

+ Watch Kelly’s journey with the Korean skincare routine on Youtube.


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