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The Very Best Advice Klog Readers Left in the Comments Section This Year

2018 is almost over, and to celebrate we thought we would thank YOU, the readers for well, reading, and for all of your awesome skin care knowledge. Here, we’ve pulled together the best tips and tricks you left in the comments section this year. 
The Klog is a community of skin care newbies, enthusiasts, and fanatics alike. This means that we get a ton of questions, comments, and advice at the bottom of our articles. We’ve been collecting the best of the best and are now sharing them with you in one easily accessible place (don’t forget to bookmark this page!). Curious to know what your fellow readers had to say or if your tip is featured? Keep scrolling to find out.

On Paying Attention to Your Skin…

Listen to what your skin is telling you.
This is our favorite piece of advice! It’s so important to always listen to your skin. It’s the first indicator of whether or not a product is right for you.
Does your face feel tight or dry after cleansing? Does your exfoliator tingle a little TOO much? Are you breaking out after using a new product that doesn’t have any actives in the ingredient list? These are all signs from your skin that you probably should find a new product.
A product also may not be working for you because it’s simply not formulated for your unique skin concerns.
In the article “The Most Common Questions About Toner – Answered!“, one reader wrote, “I use a Thayer Witch Hazel alcohol-free toner, which has basically stopped my breakouts. I used a k beauty toner before Thayer – it did not stop my breakouts, because I think its goal was more to add hydration and prep than to cleanse. I like using k-beauty essence and serums for that.” This is a great example of really paying attention to your skin’s needs and the products you choose to address them.
Your skin also sends you signs about factors beyond skin care. Diet, sleep, and environmental stressors should also all be taken into account when listening to your skin.

Consider skin tone when thinking about trying new treatments.
In our article “The Best Laser Treatment to Zap YOUR Top Skin Concerns” we were reminded that “if you are brown or dark skinned, you have to be extremely careful about strong chemical peels, micro needling etc. There is a risk that if your skin is inflamed / damaged as a result of the treatment, it will increase its production of melanin to create scars to protect those areas – so you might end up with a new hyper pigmentation problem.”
The good news is that beauty technology is rapidly developing, meaning that laser treatments are no longer only an option for people with lighter skin tones. That being said, our best advice here is to ask questions and do your research.
The same goes for hyperpigmenation treatments that can be applied at home. Believe it or not, certain types of scarring affect certain skin tones more often than others. People with light skin tones are more likely to get post inflammatory erythema while people with darker skin tones are more likely to get post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Don’t know what this means? Click here to learn more.
Look at the ingredient list.
This one may seem like a no brainer, but you would be surprised at how many people shop for skin care without checking the back of the bottle first and it’s so important to know what you’re putting on your skin.
In the article “Are Foaming Cleansers Bad For Your Skin?” we mention that foaming cleansers aren’t always great for sensitive skin because of an ingredients called Sodium Lauryl Sulfate or SLS. When used on sensitive skin it may leave it feeling dry and extremely tender. In the comments section one reader mentions, “Switching to a non foaming cleanser did wonders for my skin! I love the REN Evercalm cleansing gel. It just has a very mild lather and the brand formulas are all without SLS, harsh alcohols etc..”.

On Traveling…

Change your pillowcases and towels as often as possible.
We often forget it, but our skin can be seriously affected by factors other than just skin care. For example, anything that touches our general face area can harbor all sorts of bacteria and cause breakouts. Generally, we recommend skipping a face towel all together and switching your pillow case out every few days, but we know that this isn’t always possible. Especially when traveling.
At the bottom of last years round-up, a reader and flight attendant recommended calling house keeping for clean pillow sheets the moment you get to your hotel. She also always makes sure to carry her own clean face towels for backup.
Use travel-friendly misting bottles. 

Traveling with skin care can be tricky, especially if you’ve ever tried to fit an entire 10-step into a carry-on. But transferring your favorite products into smaller bottles doesn’t always have to be a chore. One reader suggested moving toner to a misting bottle instead. She also mentioned that she does the same thing to her essences! In fact, this nifty trick can be applied to any product with a watery consistency. Another reader even recently asked about transferring larger mists into smaller misting bottle for tiny bags and purses. This is a great idea.
And another little bonus from this trick? You don’t have to pack cotton pads!

On Extras…

Humidifiers will be your best friend this winter.
In “The Things Experts Always Do For Their Skin When It’s Cold Outside”, one reader makes a case for humidifiers by saying, “Sometimes I’ll wonder why even with a good moisturizer and regime, my skin feels lacklustre and until I start coughing then I know the air is hella dry.”
This is especially true if you live in an area that’s freezing during the winter. Staying indoors all the time with your heater blasting can take a serious toll on your skin. Adding a humidifier to your space is a good way to bring some hydration back into your skin without having to slather moisturizer on every half hour.
You might not be surprised to learn that here at the The Klog office we have humidifiers aplenty.
Derma rollers are great – when used properly.
In our article “Everything You Need to Know About Derma Rolling“, we were reminded by a commenter that while derma rolling can be super effective, it can also be dangerous. She cautions that “inappropriate use can cause more harm than good.” This, of course, makes absolute sense. Anything that involves poking your face with hundreds of tiny needles is bound to have its hazards. That being said, the most important precaution to take with derma rolling is sterilization and cleanliness. Our writer Alexis gave this advice: “make sure to sanitize the roller properly. I do this by taking a 70% isopropyl alcohol and soaking my derma roller in the solution for at least 30 minutes. Make sure you cover the head of the derma roller completely in alcohol.”
If you’re not comfortable with needles, check out the Easydew DW-EGF Derma Roller Program Special Kit. This comes with a special derma roller body and replaceable head made with crystalized serum instead of needles.
Don’t be afraid to invest in gadgets or treatments.
Treat yourself to something nice this holiday season. After all, if you can afford to shell out a little extra money, why not spend it on your skin? One reader commented that getting botox as soon as she turned 30 was the best thing she ever did. “It seriously prevents wrinkles from forming in the first place and I only have to get it every 6 months,” she wrote.
Another reader swears by the Nuface Trinity Toning Device. For those of you don’t know, this gadget claims to “help improve facial contour & reduce wrinkles in just 5-minutes.” We’ve never tried it but the reader said, “after using the Nuface, at about the 2 month mark, while I was in the shower, I noticed my face felt firmer…like it had been working out at the gym.” They also suggested bringing it into the shower after double-cleansing and using it with a conductive gel.

+ Do you have any skin care tips or hacks that we missed? Leave them in the comments below!

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