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best skincare products for rosacea

A Full Skin Care Routine to Treat Rosacea

When you’re looking for the best skincare products for rosacea, do you ever consider using Korean options? Here’s why you should.

Is your skin prone to flare-ups of redness and irritation, or even red patches that never fully fade away? Does your skin burn or sting when exposed to hot or cold conditions, or tingle and redden when you consume alcohol or caffeine? If you’re nodding your head in recognition, then you could have an issue with rosacea.

What is rosacea?

Rosacea is a common skin condition that affects many people of all ages, and doctors are still unsure of exactly what causes it. Some believe it could be caused by abnormalities in the facial blood vessels, resulting in flushing, recurring patches of redness, and noticeably visible blood vessels that look like small veins and red dots, particularly around the cheeks and nose.

For many people, external triggers can cause their rosacea to act up even further. Spicy food, stress, alcohol, and cold weather can all lead to rosacea flare-ups, and exposure to the sun’s UV rays in particular can be a major issue—which means finding the right SPF can help to drastically reduce rosacea’s symptoms.

How can you treat rosacea with skin care?

Since rosacea-prone skin is often sensitive as well, it’s important to treat it as gently as possible with soothing products. If you suffer from redness, you likely know what allergens and irritants can trigger your flare-ups, so it’s best to avoid the ingredients or foods that cause irritation. As well, seeking out skin care products with inflammation-soothing ingredients, like antioxidant green tea, licorice root, aloe, chamomile and turmeric, can help to reduce the appearance of rosacea in the skin.

What K-beauty products work? Here’s a good routine with our product recommendations:


Double-cleansing with rosacea-prone skin means using products that will get your skin clean without irritating it. Inflammation-fighting ingredients, like green tea, are a great option to look for in your cleansing routine, since green tea has antioxidant properties that heal and protect the skin and reduce redness and sensitivity.

With its low pH, the Neogen Real Fresh Green Tea Cleansing Stick will deep-clean and break down makeup while soothing skin. Follow up with its sister product to complete your double-cleansing routine: the Neogen Green Tea Real Fresh Foaming Cleanser (it was formulated for sensitive skin).


Next up, try toning with a product formulated for your skin’s needs. The Benton Aloe BHA Toner is a good bet, since it contains a hefty dose of aloe, a hydrating and soothing booster that helps fight redness. It also has salicylic acid, which can help fight the breakouts that rosacea-prone skin can experience as well, but it’s also anti-inflammatory, meaning any redness will be calmed, too.


If you’re on the hunt for an essence that will fight the appearance of rosacea, keep an eye out for ingredients like licorice root (an inflammation soother) and ginseng (an antioxidant powerhouse). Both of these ingredients can be found in the Erborian Elixir Au Ginseng, along with hydrating sweet almond and sesame seed oil. The formula is light and gentle and sinks into the skin immediately, working fast to soothe irritation and redness.


Licorice root extract is also found in the Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Serum which was formulated specifically to fight redness. It is deeply hydrating and will leave your skin plump and repaired, while also working to reduce the telltale redness of rosacea.


If you’re searching for a moisturizer that will help with your rosacea issues by adding intense moisture while calming your skin, look no further than the Cosrx Honey Ceramide Full Moisture Cream.

Spread it all over the face for skin prone to irritation, or as a spot treatment on the most obvious blood vessels and red patches. Its powerful healing abilities are owed to honey extract, which is a fast-acting soother and healer that quickly relieves stinging and irritation. Bonus: This cream also contains ceramides, which work to help repair your skin’s outermost layer.


Sun protection is key when it comes to reducing the appearance of rosacea, since UV rays are one of the most common triggers of the condition. With a high factor of SPF 50 PA +++, the Neogen Day-Light Protection Sun Screen is a soothing and hydrating option, with honey extracts (known to soothe inflamed skin).


When your skin is tired and stressed, spend some time with the Neogen Black Caviar Essential Mask, which helps repair damaged skin cells thanks to its antioxidants and omega fatty acids, and it calms redness with black sesame extract. It’s the perfect little luxury to top off a rosacea routine, and will make sure you see a reduction in your skin’s redness in no time.

+ What do you think are the best skincare products for rosacea? Let us know below!
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