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8 Korean Beauty YouTubers To Watch

Sometimes there’s just nothing better than discovering new products and beauty trends while enjoying the comfort of your couch—especially when what you are looking for is about 7,000 miles away. For moments like this, we thank the amazing K-beauty vloggers that populate the web with infinite tutorials, reviews, beauty hauls and inspirations from South Korea. Here are the eight Korean beauty YouTubers you should add to your watchlist!

1. Meejmuse

Jen Kim’s channel is filled with Korean product reviews, K-beauty tours and K-beauty hauls. All in English! This Aussie-Korean shares such amazing tips that I bet you’ll get hooked on her channel.
+ Watch Meej Muse on our K-Beauty & Coffee too!

2. Joan Keem

Joan is a Korean-American living in Seoul and, oh my, her channel has so much content! She uploads new videos at least three times a week, so name whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find it there. We love her skin care videos and monthly favorites, where she goes beyond K-beauty and even share her favorite K-pop hits. Plus, whenever she shares her empties, we make sure to take notes!

3. Sunny’s Channel

Sunny is a Korean living in NYC. She doesn’t speak English in her videos like Meej Muse or Joan Keem, but thats ok, she adds English subtitles. Pay special attention to her product reviews and makeup tutorials—she makes sure to share how she preps her skin before putting any makeup on.

4. Lamuqe

There’s a simple reason why Lamuqe is a hit worldwide: She has amazing videos—content- and edition-wise! I could spend hours and hours watching her beauty hauls and Korean makeup tutorials (I personally love the ones inspired in K-pop celebrities).

5. Liah Yoo

Love cushions? So does Liah! In fact, this Seoul based Korean beauty blogger is actually obsessed with them. Don’t think twice before checking her YouTube channel and watch her product reviews—Liah worked for a long time at one of the biggest Korean cosmetics company so, yup, the girl knows what she’s talking about.

6. So Young’s Beauty Room

So Young uses Korean, American and French beauty products to create the most gorgeous looks. We love how she can combine American and Korean trends in the same tutorial, making them perfect for everyone, from K-beauty newbies to experts. Quick tip: Make sure you turn the English subtitles on.

7. Dayeong’s Beauty Drawing

Dayeong shares body, makeup, and skin care tips. We love that she keeps it real, talking spontaneously about what she loves and what she definitely does not like from Korean, American, French, and Japanese products. Since not all of her videos have English subtitles, we suggest you to focus on this playlist.

8. Pony Makeup

And, of course, there’s Pony. Chances are you’ve heard this name already (we’ve published an article about her right here), but let’s face it: there’s no way to talk about Korean beauty influencers without mentioning her name. Pony is a YouTube superstar, known for her makeup tutorials or, to be more specific, for her celebrity transformation tutorials,

+ Do you have more names to add to this list? Make sure you share your favorite K-beauty YouTubers with us in the comments below!

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