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how to apply skincare products

Watch: How to Apply Your Products the Right Way

Searching for a demonstration on how to apply skincare products? Look no further. Our latest K-beauty Bites shows you how to apply four essential products in the Korean routine:

When it comes to skin care, how you apply your products matters just as much as the products you use. Below, I break down the best ways to apply your products to ensure you’re getting the absolute most out of every drop. Let’s dive in!

Oil cleanser

In the video, I use the Banila Co Clean it Zero Purity. The oil cleanser works in two phases: as an oil, and as an emulsified combination of water and oil.
To make sure you get both steps, and make them work their best on your skin, your hand motions make all the difference. Begin by spreading the oil in an even layer across the skin, reaching every nook and cranny. It’s important to cleanse around the eye area thoroughly with the oil cleanser, as it is gentler than the water-based cleanser and most water-based cleansers are not safe for use on the eyes. It’s also important not to forget the neck—spread the oil on the neck using upward motions to avoid tugging on the neck skin and contributing to wrinkles. Once it’s been spread evenly, begin to gently work the oil into the skin using circular and reverse circular motions.
After massaging gently across the whole face, it’s time to add water. Wet your hands and begin to massage again. The water from your hands will combine with the oil to emulsify the cleanser, which is when impurities really start to break down. Continue massaging in circular and reverse circular motions on the face and upward motions on the neck until you’ve cleansed the entire face, and then rinse off.


Once your face has been double cleansed, we move on to toner. Begin by applying toner to a cotton pad of your choice. Using a cotton pad helps the toner really sweep away any remaining makeup or impurities. I’m using the Son & Park Beauty Water in the video, which also doubles as a cleansing water.
Swipe the toner across the face in horizontal motions. It’s important to remember to always work from the center outwards, in an upward and outward motion to help prevent wrinkles. To tone the eye area, make sure to apply less pressure and don’t tug on the skin. Tugging on the skin will contribute to wrinkle formation, and no one wants that! Once the toner has been evenly applied, tap the skin gently with your figures to increase absorption.


Next up is essence. We all love the benefits of essence, so making sure you’re applying it right is super important. Begin by pouring essence into your palm and using your hands to apply it to your face. Some people like to apply essence with a cotton pad or puff, which can work as well, just so long as you are using the right kind of cotton pad to ensure your essence doesn’t go to waste. But using your hands actually aids the absorption of the essence into the skin.
When you apply, make sure to use your whole hand, and press the essence into the skin. The warmth of your hands will help your skin better absorb the essence and ensure none of your product goes to waste. This works especially well with thicker essences, like the Hanskin Hyaluron Skin Essence.


And finally comes moisturizer. The most important thing to remember when applying moisturizer is to make sure that as you spread it across your face you’re using motions that will prevent wrinkles and not encourage them. I used the RE: P Nutrinature Ultra Nourishing Cream in the video and applied it in dots around my face to ensure even distribution.
Once your moisturizer has been evenly distributed, make sure you massage it into the skin and neck using upward motions. The best motion is to begin from the nose and work the hands upwards to the outside of the eyes. Continue this along the rest of your cheeks, and work from the center of your eyebrows upwards and outwards on your forehead.
Once the lotion is spread and worked into the skin, gently tap with your fingertips to increase absorption and make sure none of the hydration is lost. These motions help your skin stay taught and reduce the chance of wrinkles, making your moisturizer even more effective.

Bottom line:

Of course, skin care is personal, and some methods vary from person to person. But, among these four steps, these practices really are the most effective ways to apply your products and keep your skin looking young and healthy. With these tips in mind, your skin will be able to soak up all the goodness your products have to offer.

+ Let us know your tips on how to apply skincare products in the comments!

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