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Korean model Lee Hyun Suh's daytime makeup consist of wearing Hera foundation, mascara and shaping her brows 21 year old Korean model Lee Hyun Suh keeps her skin bright with toner and Physiogel moisturizer

SOKO SECRET: Lee Hyun Suh, 21, Model

In the evening, I double-cleanse, first with a cleansing water and second with foam cleanser. With the second cleanse, I also do a simple facial massage, and I never dry my face with a towel. Then I wipe my skin with toner and put on Physiogel moisturizer (which I love because it’s so mild). This helps prevent a lot of skin trouble and keeps me bright and even. I also try to do a sheet mask every day.

In terms of beauty, I like a clean and natural look. Heavy makeup and dark shadowing make me look rather unrefined(촌스럽다), so when I go out I just put on Hera foundation, shape my brows, and do mascara. Mascara is a must! Then I finish off with red lipstick—I always have it on me. I feel like it gives my look an edge. On a special occasion, I’ll do mascara and really pink blush.

I love wearing things that stand out—I like the attention. I often wear black tops, then spice up the outfit with weird bottoms or a bag. I love anything that’s unusual or really distinctive.

I love Itaewon. I love the shining signboards and gentle breezes. People-watching under a parasol gives me inspiration and healing. All the cafes in Itaewon have nice low mood lighting, which is perfect for photos. And I love the street style and free spirit of everyone in Itaewon. They’re the best.

The Icons
My western beauty icon is Lily May Mac, and my Korean beauty icon is Pony.

Korean Life
I’m not really into greasy or fried food, but I definitely do love rice! Who are we Koreans without rice? On the other hand, if I were to pick one thing that’s not so Korean about me, it’d be my looks maybe? I often get that I don’t resemble a typical Korean, and I look somewhat mysterious.

The Intake
Every morning I eat an apple. As soon as I started eating apples, I swear my skin got brighter. But I’m also the kind of person who relieves stress with sweets. I recently visited this dessert shop and fell in love with macarons. Since then I’ve eaten a macaron every single day. I can’t get enough.

The Secret
Sometimes I make meringue with an egg white, add flour, put it on my face, leave it on for 20 minutes, then wash it off. I do this a lot—it makes my skin tone brighter and clears up my acne.

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