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The Bamboo Moisture Mask That Plumps Up Dry Skin

When it comes to skincare, consistency is everything. Korean beauty products are often innovative because cosmetic scientists spend a good chunk of their time developing ways to make the consistency perfect for your skin. The goal in mind is always to deliver the best results.

I always, always recommend water-based moisturizers (also known as gel moisturizers) to combination, oily and acne prone skin types. They are a godsend during hot and humid sticky months, because it doesn’t weigh heavy on your skin and absorbs quickly, giving you that enviable bounce and glow. The alternative is using a creamy, goopy concoction made with oils, which can lead to clogged pores.


I’m excited that Erborian saw the benefits of water-based moisturizers and created one that is specifically for masking. The Erborian Bamboo Waterlock is a refreshing gel mask that is formulated with bamboo sap, a key ingredient made out of amino acids. For centuries, bamboo sap has been known and used in Korea for its medicinal properties to heal skin. It also acts as a humectant by drawing moisture to the skin. It’s one of the most commonly used ingredients in Korean skincare products because bamboo has a natural way of mimicking the skin’s natural moisture.

Right when it hits the skin, the bamboo sap plumps it up. Thanks to the bamboo fibers, which are made out of natural proteins and lipids, moisture is locked in to the skin. I’m fascinated with the thought that these bamboo fibers act like an invisible net, to keep your skin mingling with the ingredients for as long as possible. The result is this: skin that looks radiant, dewy and feel more elastic to the touch.

The icing on the cake, is really the fragrance. It’s an exclusive scent formulated in Grasse, France by a family-run perfumer. Masking is always so much better when it has a luxurious scent that brings you to another world: a luscious, floral green world to be exact.

There are two ways to use this: generously apply a thick layer of the mask over the face with your fingers or a masking brush. Let it set for 20 minutes and then rinse it off with cool water. Or, you can use it as a extra hydrating sleeping pack (the last step in your night routine) by applying a thin layer all over your face and neck.

Either way, your skin will slurp it up.

+Have you tried the Erborian Bamboo Waterlock Mask? Let us know what you thought of it in the comments!


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