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This Hydrating Moisturizer Is A Miracle For Parched, Sensitive Skin

Acwell’s Real Aqua Balancing Cream taps into the power of fatty acids, houttuynia cordata, and brussel sprouts (you read that right) to completely nourish.

Dry and sensitive skin can be some of the most challenging to nourish and treat. Applying new layers of toners, serums, essences, and moisturizers can often seem like a high risk-no reward situation, leaving skin even more dehydrated and irritated than it was pre-product. 

Knowing this cyclical struggle well, K-beauty favorite Acwell specially formulated their Real Aqua Balancing Cream to hydrate, nourish, soothe, and brighten.

Unlike other moisturizers designed for dry and sensitive skin, this cream delivers all of these sought after benefits in a lightweight non-sticky formulation, so it can be applied during even the most humid of months without that undesirable tacky feel. 

Now that you’re starting to understand why we at The Klog are big fans of this carefully crafted cream, let’s jump into the specifics.

Ingredients and Benefits

As a brand, Acwell’s always been extremely conscious of the pH of their products. A formulation with an intense pH level, especially for dry and sensitive skin types, can compromise the skin’s acid mantle causing even further irritation. This light-weight cream holds a pH level of 5.0~7.0, which is alkaline, or basic.

The Real Aqua Balancing Cream locks in water within the skin barrier effectively with hyaluronic acid, everyone’s favorite hydrating acid, and houttuynia cordata, which also serves as a natural soothing agent.

Tripling down on moisturizing, the miracle cream’s formulation also contains Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, both of which act as building blocks in the skin cells, strengthening the skin’s surface layers for a smoother, healthier and younger-looking complexion that retains moisture better. 

We’re not done yet! This soothing gel in a jar includes jeju brussels sprouts extract that firms and rejuvenates skin, while also helping to calm chronic inflammation.

On top of all of it’s nourishing benefits, it also amps up dull skin with licorice root’s brightening abilities.


A lot of products claim to work for sensitive skin. Even fewer claim to work for both dry AND sensitive skin, but this one actually does. 

Here’s what the Soko Glam community has to say about their experiences with Acwell’s Real Aqua Balancing Cream:


Skin Type: Dry

“Beautiful! This is a lovely gel texture moisturizer that feels light but has a good amount of moisture retaining abilities!”


Skin Type: Combination

“I love this, I was so in love with the Missha super Aqua clear gel cream but since it’s no longer available, I decided to try this one. It’s not sticky or greasy on my face. I do have oily skin now due to the mask since I work in the medical field and work 12 hours with the mask on. I know it makes my skin soft and very moisturized throughout. I haven’t had any break out. I would definitely repurchase this again”

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