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An Introduction to Cleansing Sticks - The Klog

An Introduction to Cleansing Sticks

A quick guide with all you need to know about this smart girl’s cleansing hack!

There’s a bevy of cleansers to choose from, especially in the Korean skin care market. As such, it can be overwhelming to narrow down the selection and choose just one. Here’s the thing, though: If we approach finding a cleanser as if we’re searching for “the perfect fit,”—a soulmate cleanser you never stray from—then it’s easy to miss out on other products that can benefit you just as well (and sometimes better depending on the season or your specific needs).

For example, perhaps during winter when skin is prone to dryness, a moisturizing cream cleanser will serve you better than your go-to, lightweight foam cleanser you used all summer long. And when you’re traveling and have to pack strategically, a more compact, TSA-friendly cleanser may be the perfect solution. That brings us to cleansing sticks, a magical product that comes in a variety of forms and travels well.

What Is a Cleansing Stick?
There’s no fancy language here. A cleansing stick is exactly what it sounds like: a cleanser that comes in stick form. Like any category of products, each is formulated differently. For example, some target problem skin, some have built-in exfoliation, and some are ideal for dry or combination skin types.

They’ve been dubbed the “lazy girl cleansing hack,” but I think it’s more appropriate to refer to them as the “smart girl’s cleansing hack” or “the girl on the go’s cleansing hack.” For example, because it’s not liquid-based like most cleansers, it passes the TSA test. That also means it’s not going to leak, saving you from messes and lost money. (Raise your hand if you’ve experienced the heartbreak of an emptied bottle and ruined suitcase! ??)

How To Use It?
Using them is pretty straightforward. Simply twist the tube up, swipe the cleanser over your skin, then add a little water to lather and cleanse per normal. Easy, right?

Our Favorite Cleansing Sticks
Interested in giving cleansing sticks a try? We have a couple suggestions for you!  

We’ll start with Neogen’s Green Tea Cleansing Stick. This product, created by our one and only Charlotte Cho and Neogen, could easily serve as both your oil cleanser and your foam cleanser, which makes it even more convenient! It’s formulated with oils, so it removes makeup efficiently, and it also contains bits of green tea leaves to exfoliate your skin.

Another option is Belif’s The True Tincture Cleansing Chamomile Cleansing Stick. This product is recommended for all skin types, including sensitive, and can help even out your skin tone, moisturize and reduce redness.

Of course, we have to mention the highly popular SU:M37 Miracle Rose Cleansing Stick, which is quickly becoming a cult favorite in the skincare community. It’s a gentle cleanser that contains fermented damask rose extract, tiny pieces of rose petals, and a combination of citrus peel oils, coconut oil, basil oil and others.

Toss one of the above into your weekender, gym bag, suitcase or even your purse and you’re only a sink away from an easy cleansing session!  

+ Have a favorite cleansing stick yourself? Share with us in the comments below! 

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