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How One Bride Got Her Wedding Day Glow – And You Can Too!

Nobody wants to wake up to an inflamed zit or a dull, tired complexion on their big day. This is why taking care of your skin leading up to your wedding is so important. To prep for hers, Martie Magill, Soko Glam’s director of people operations, visited Joanna Vargas spa in New York City for a luxe facial. Here, she tells us all about it.

What were your skin goals for your wedding?
Smooth and hydrated skin for makeup application, plus glowing skin to get me through the week’s events leading up to the wedding.
How did planning a wedding affect your skin?
I made sure I paid attention to how stress was affecting my skin and would tweak my routine accordingly. If I wasn’t getting as much sleep and felt less hydrated, I would use a sleeping pack at night or if I got a pimple/bumps on my forehead, I would use less product on the area at night.
Other than that, did you make any changes to your skin care regimen in preparation for the wedding?
I didn’t want to change anything too drastically prior to my wedding. Aside from what I mentioned earlier, I stuck with my normal routine which includes a double cleanse (Enature Moringa Cleansing Balm and the Neogen Green Tea Real Fresh Foam Cleanser), toner (Acwell Licorice pH Balancing Cleansing Toner), day and night vitamin C serums (Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin C Serum and the COSRX Triple C Lighting Liquid), a heavier, but non-pore-clogging cream (Hanskin Bio Origin the Cream), a cream for around my eyes  (EasyDew EX Repair Control EGF), and sunscreen (Acwell Aqua Capsule Sun Control Gel).
What facial did you receive at the spa?
I got the Supernova facial. It’s 60 minutes and includes exfoliation, a microcurrent treatment to contour and de-puff, a collagen mask and cryotherapy. According to the spa, the last part “increases cellular metabolism, circulation, oxygenation, and lymphatic drainage while providing anti-inflammatory benefits”.
I loved being pampered, obviously, and my skin felt great with every step and application of product. Equally exciting was the chance to hear how each step would beautify me for my big day.
What were the results? 
I had VERY smooth and hydrated skin throughout the entire week leading up to my wedding and during the whole wedding weekend. I got the facial four days before the wedding.
Did you do anything to help maintain the results leading up to the wedding?
I purchased the Joanna Vargas Eden Instant Lift Mask pack and used two of the sheet masks prior to the wedding.
With your experience in mind, do you have any skin advice for the brides-to-be out there?
Don’t over do it. I think the most important things for your skin are to hydrate and wear sunscreen!
I do recommend getting three to four facials leading up to the wedding, allowing for time in between (four to six weeks depending on skin type and facial type). You can splurge on one deep clean or pre-event facial and schedule more basic facials in between.

+What is – or was – your pre-wedding skin care routine like? Tell us below!

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