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Six K-Beauty Products No Skin Care Junkie’s Gym Bag Should Be Without

Your gym skin care routine doesn’t have to be sub-par to your regular skin care routine. The K-beauty products highlighted below are sure to amp up your locker room skin care game.

If you’re into working out and you’re into skin care, you’ve probably experienced this dilemma while packing your gym bag: Lug around what feels like 15 pounds of products or pack the bare minimum and then contend with dry, oily, or not-so-fresh feeling skin for the rest of the day?
With some strategic planning and an arsenal of multi-tasking, portable products, you don’t have to deal with either. Below, we’re sharing K-beauty products that are post-workout game-changers.
Multi-Tasking Face Wipes
Is there anything more refreshing than sweeping a face wipe over hot and sweaty skin post-workout? That soothing feeling is often short-lived, however, because many wipes out there can quickly dehydrate your complexion. We love the Leaders Labotica Argan Oil Deep Cleansing Tissue because in addition to being purifying and refreshing, they are moisturizing and exfoliating (which can help prevent breakouts) thanks to ingredients like argan oil and citric acid.
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Toner Pads
If you carry around a bottle of toner and cotton pads in your gym bag, power to you. But for the space-savers and time-starved among us, there are the RE:P Organic Cotton Treatment Toning Pads.
The convenient pre-soaked pads contain hydrating and pH-balancing ingredients like tea tree, calendula, and Damask rose extract and are free of potentially irritating ingredients like mineral oil, parabens, and surfactants.
Face Mist
Most essences likely wouldn’t make the cut in a pared-down gym skin care routine, but the Acwell Licorice pH Balancing Essence Mist is a product you won’t want to leave the house without.
It soothes post-workout skin with centella asiatica, hydrates with bamboo water, and brightens with fermented ingredients. And because it’s formulated as a fine mist, it provides a heavenly burst of refreshment. Plus, at just over 3oz, it won’t take up too much space in your bag.
A Light, Soothing Moisturizer 
After a sweat sesh, you’re not going to want to slather a thick, suffocating cream on your face. The Benton Aloe Propolis Soothing Gel is lightweight yet helps skin lock in hydration for the day ahead, and contains anti-inflammatory ingredients like aloe and propolis to calm down any redness your skin may be experiencing thanks to a tough workout.
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A Sunscreen That Doubles as a Primer
Another great multi-tasking product is the Neogen Day-Light Protection Sunscreen. It offers SPF 50 protection and because it doesn’t leave a greasy finish or a white cast on skin, it serves as an excellent makeup primer.

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