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Holistic Skin Care & Wellness Tips from Sunina, Yoga and SLT Expert

Hi! I’m Sunina, a beauty and wellness blogger, yoga and SLT Megaformer instructor, and a model in New York City. I believe in the luxury of higher thoughts, movement, and self-care for a healthier life. When you purify the mind, cleanse the body, and uplift the soul there is a shift that happens– you begin to see beauty in all beings and things. I want to share this message with young women who want to look and feel naturally beautiful. It all starts with you!

General Wellness & Your Skin
A lifestyle comprised of movement, meditation, conscious living, nutrient rich foods, and self-care is a great way to achieve glowing skin.  Working out for one hour is equivalent to an amazing facial, and these sweat sessions release toxins from the body. You’re literally opening up your pores to release sweat and your workout increases blood circulation in your entire body, including your face, giving you a natural glow. All this increased blood flow through exercise helps nourish your skin cells and keeps them vital. Blood carries oxygen and nutrients to working cells throughout the body, including the skin. Exercising brightens the skin and keeps it supple. It even allows you to sleep easier and deeper at night— and a good sleep, as most of us know, equates to healthier skin. Even what you eat affects your skin. Cleaning the skin from the inside is what we are doing by eating nutrient rich ‘skin foods’ like acai bowls and green juice.


Think of Skin Care as a Welcome Way to Begin and End Your Day
Commit to a routine of caring for yourself. Create a skin care goal. Don’t be afraid to plan big—clear skin for life, an even skin tone, brighter complexion, youthful looking and hydrated skin. A great way to stay committed is to ask yourself, “Is there a big event coming up?” It could be any event, short or long-term, like a date next week or your wedding day next year. Create large and small goals to stay excited and motivated.


Exercising Regularly Can Reduce Stress Levels and Translate to Better Skin
Stress comes from the disconnection of the mind and body. Stress levels are released when we exercise. This is because when we are moving we are actually practicing moving meditation, cleaning up the mind. All stress is created in the mind. Quite often it’s difficult for many of us to sit still and just meditate. Exercising gets you in the zone of focusing on only one thing at a time—working out, which is a form of meditation in itself. Getting off the phone is a way to disconnect from the social world filled with distractions, to-do’s, must-reads, and must-sees. You don’t have to sit in front of incense and ‘OM’ to practice meditation! If you can’t get active, even closing your eyes and focusing on your breathing is enough.


Skin Care Can Be Incorporated Into Holistic Well-being
Skin problems occur when your mind and body are out of balance or disconnected. Your state of mind affects your stress, which in turn affects your skin.  For example, there can be metaphysical stress and anxiety triggers for acne, eczema or psoriasis tied to not accepting or disliking yourself. Affirming that “I accept all of me, I am enough” can be the first  step to releasing that stress trigger. Choose loving thoughts! Meditation clears the mind of baggage you do not need and sets you up to be at a seat of awareness rather than participation. You do not have to participate in every thought that passes you by. You can just be aware without judgement—and that is a conscious choice that you make. With exercise you boost your overall confidence. Confidence naturally sets the tone for you to make better choices. Beauty is from within. Holistic well-being means considering both the mind and body as a whole for optimum health.

I love to wake up, create a bit of aromatherapy, read a page of A Course In Miracles, drink lemon water and green juice, then go into my skin care routine. Sometimes it’s five minutes long, sometimes it’s an hour long depending on what I feel my skin needs. As soon as you get home at night get into bed-time/self-care mode and remove your make up, cleanse the skin, tone, hydrate, and treat it! It is the best feeling to know that day by day you are working towards a specific goal.


You can so easily read tension in the mind and face which affects your skin and how quickly you age. Live consciously, live freely without worry, and don’t be afraid to smile because of wrinkles. Genuine happiness counteracts aging! Experience a beautiful life through higher thoughts, movement, and self-care. Do your insides match your outer appearance? Pretty is skin deep and beauty shines from within.

Love & light!

— Sunina

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